Air Samarkand plans to launch charter and scheduled flights from Samarkand

old palace against the sky

Air Samarkand plans to launch charter and scheduled flights from Samarkand over the next 12 months. At the beginning of the year they will open air connections to cities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Vietnam and China, and in 2024 they plan to expand to Europe as well.

Samarkand is of great interest among businessmen and tourists due to its combination of ancient heritage and modern infrastructure. One of the founders of Air Samarkand explains the thinking behind the city's transformation: "The reformed Uzbekistan has seen and embraced significant growth in private initiatives, notably in the transformation of the ancient city of Samarkand, renowned worldwide due to its role as a hub on the Great Silk Road. Conditions facilitated by the country's leadership have enabled the realisation of Samarkand's full potential. Most notably this has been by enhancing the city's airport and providing more comfort for residents and foreign visitors arriving by air, whilst also boosting the connectivity of Samarkand through the development of new airlines such as Air Samarkand. Consequently, this initiative aims to unlock Samarkand's potential for the development of tourism, trade, scientific research, and various other activities."

Air Samarkand aims to compete with other established carriers by offering a full range of services at an affordable price.

The airport is located just eight kilometers from the city and thus tourists will quickly find themselves in a thriving center of commerce on the famous Silk Road. Samarkand is home to many of the country's ancient and medieval tourist attractions, as are the neighboring regions of Bukhara, Khiva, Shahrisabz and Zaamin National Park. Tourists can admire ancient mosques, medieval treasures, historical monuments and museums with artifacts of past centuries.