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Tourist visa
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Tourist visa to Uzbekistan

Tourist visa is intended for short-term trips to Uzbekistan with a duration of 7 to 30 days for recreation, sightseeing and tourist trips. There are two types of tourist visas in Uzbekistan: electronic visa (eVisa), and traditional tourist visas, which are issued by Uzbek embassies abroad. The eVisa tourist visa allows foreign visitors to stay in the country for up to 30 days. For longer trips, it is necessary to apply for a tourist visa at the embassy. According to the rules, the processing time is 10 to 20 working days, provided that all the necessary documents are submitted. Visa authorization is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. A citizen who is applying for a visa is not allowed to engage in any paid activity, and it is mandatory to have medical insurance for the entire period of stay.

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Tourist visa

Single entry

stay up to 7 days

stay up to 15 days

stay up to 30 days

Multiple Entry:

stay up to 1 month

Documents required to apply for a tourist visa to Uzbekistan:


Filled application form

Color passport photos

Copies of tickets

to enter and leave Uzbekistan

Booking Confirmation

hotels or other lodging documents

Health insurance

for the duration of the stay

Invitation letter

(if needed)

Financial documents

(bank statement on availability of funds)

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Validity period and cost of a tourist visa

The processing time for a tourist visa in Uzbekistan through the embassy can vary and depends on various factors, including specific consulate requirements, the workload of the consular department, and additional checks. Typically, the processing time for a tourist visa ranges from 10 to 20 working days. In urgent cases or during busy periods, they may be extended. As for the cost of a tourist visa, it may also vary depending on the type of visa.

To clarify the actual data, you should check the official resources of the consulate of Uzbekistan or through visa agencies. Also, to speed up the process and get more accurate information, we recommend you to contact our accredited visa center. We care about each client and try to find the best options to solve their visa issues based on their personal needs and circumstances.

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