Ethiopia Mountains in Lalibela
Visit Ethiopia, the land of aromatic coffee and extraordinary nature.

What to visit in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is an amazing country in Africa, which is known for its diverse nature, rich fauna, ancient history and unique culture that has no analogues in the world. This country is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who want to explore the unusual and exotic nature and culture of Africa.

What to see in Ethiopia and where to go first? Ethiopia is ideal for those who are interested in primitive culture and unspoiled nature. The natural attractions here are so beautiful that it takes your breath away. For example, the Ethiopian Highlands with its unusual landscape. There are also numerous reserves with wild, untouched nature that are worth a visit. In Ethiopia, you can get to know several primitive tribes and their culture. They continue to run their economy as they did thousands of years ago. In addition, Ethiopia often hosts colorful festivals, which are worth a visit for every visitor to the country. To get to know the country better, every tourist should visit the main attractions of Ethiopia.

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What to see in Ethiopia?

What is the first thing to visit in Ethiopia? Let's take a closer look.

Fasil Ghebbi Fortress is a unique complex consisting of several buildings dating back to the 17th century. All the buildings of this complex are protected by UNESCO and are beautiful examples of architecture of their time. Here you can see majestic palaces, castles and temples representing Indian, Arabic and Nubian styles. Today, every tourist can get acquainted with ancient architecture by visiting this unique complex.

In Lalibela there is another architectural masterpiece of the XII century. The church is carved right into the rock and goes several meters deep. The initiator of this idea was the king himself, who wanted to turn the city into a religious center, starting with this church. However, this idea was not continued. Now, every tourist can enjoy its beauty and visit its interior.

The Erta Ale Volcano, located in Ethiopia, is a unique natural site due to its constant activity and growth. It has remained active for more than 67 years. On a regular basis, its crater ejects red-hot lava, spewing it all around. Each eruption contributes to the growth of the mountain, which is why the volcano is currently 600 meters high. However, it is still very unstable and poses a threat to the surrounding land.

Simien National Park is an ideal place for ecotourism lovers. Here, you can enjoy not only beautiful nature but also a variety of wildlife. The park consists of several zones including savannahs, desert and mountains, each with its own unique features. However, the main attraction of the park is Ras Dashen Peak, which is over 4,500 meters high. The most intrepid tourists can attempt to climb to the top to enjoy the beauty of the park from a bird's eye view.

Lake T'ana is located in Ethiopia and is the largest body of water in the country. The peculiarity of the lake is that it is the source of the Blue Nile River, on which the famous Aswan Dam is located. For Ethiopia, Lake Tana is a key water resource. Initially, the lake was an important source of drinking water and fish for the local people. Later, a hydroelectric power plant was built on the lake and now it is also a source of electricity for the country. Besides, the scenery around the lake is amazingly beautiful. Numerous islands with pristine nature delight the eyes of every tourist.

Lake Abbe is located in Djibouti and is one of the most beautiful places in the region. It differs from other lakes in that it contains a lot of salt. Although the lake itself is a beautiful sight, the landscapes around it are even more amazing. Tourists who visit the place describe it as something ethereal. The area around the lake is rich in limestone, which has been used to create entire towers and pillars on the shores. The whole area is volcanically active, which leads to the appearance of whole clubs of steam periodically.

In Ethiopia there is a national park, which is definitely worth a visit for every tourist. It is famous for its amazing Sof Omar caves. Here you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also see the amazing caves that were formed over many years thanks to the river that cut its way through the rock. The place is sacred for Muslims, but every tourist can rent a boat and walk through the amazing corridors of the cave.

Blue Nile Falls (Tis Abay) is a stunning waterfall located on the Blue Nile River. It is considered as the most impressive natural attraction by the locals. This full-flowing river shows its full power in this place, leaving an unforgettable experience for visitors. There is a famous tourist town near the waterfall, so it will be easy to reach this place. Every visitor of this amazing country must visit this amazing natural site and enjoy its beauty.

What are the cities in Ethiopia to visit?

Gondar Castle

The city of Gondar, once a bustling and important trading center of the Ethiopian Empire, was the capital of the country from 1632 to 1855. It is best known for its castle and medieval churches built by the emperors inside the royal enclosure. In terms of architectural structures on the continent, there are no other castles like it built in sub-Saharan Africa. Gondar is also a cultural center, and the city's former status is reflected in its beautiful frescoes of churches. Gondar Castle can be visited on a city tour.

Blue Nile Falls
Bahir Dar

The city of Bahir-Dar, located on the shores of Lake Tana and the outlet of the Blue Nile River, is a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural richness. It is these factors that have made it the political capital of the Amhara Regional State. The lake port of Bahir-Dar is used as a starting point for visiting the island monasteries of Lake Tana. The city is also famous for its picturesque boulevards lined with beautiful trees that create a unique atmosphere for outdoor strolls. Just 30 km away from Bahir-Dar is the Blue Nile Waterfall, where the water goes deep into the gorges and begins its journey to Egypt. This place is one of the main attractions around BahirDar and deserves special attention. There are so many interesting places in and around Bahir-Dar that it would take more than one day to see them all.

Aksum obelisk

Axum is an ancient city where Ethiopian civilization flourished. It was the birthplace of the Queen of Sheba and the seat of her descendants for centuries until 1974. Axum was one of the four powerful kingdoms of the world. And to learn about the living history of the Axumite kingdom, one must visit the stele fields or obelisk, a large monument carved and towering from a single stone. The bath of the Queen of Sheba, the museum and the tombs of the Kings of Axum are of great archaeological importance. Axum's Zion Mariam is where the original Ark of the Covenant, which is the most sacred object in the Bible, is kept. All attractions can be visited on an Axum city tour.

Harar, Ethiopia

Harar is a walled city with 5 gates. Emir Nur built it in the 1560s. Due to its strategic location near the port and the presence of trade routes, Harar is a rich trading center and a center of Islamic studies. The old city has about 99 mosques in 1 square kilometer. Harar's narrow streets with multi-colored houses and shrines attract many people. Harar is also known for its culture of hospitality. The city has a tradition of feeding hyenas once a year at a special festival. If you miss this day, there is a hyena man who feeds wild hyenas in an open field. Tourists often feed the hyenas and visit Harar for sightseeing purposes.

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