African forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) and the Lekoli River
Congo Rep.
Visit the Republic of Congo, an amazing country with vast jungles, stunning biodiversity and breathtaking natural attractions. Here you can meet gorillas in national parks, explore majestic waterfalls and experience the amazing culture of the local people.

What to see in Congo?

Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world. Here you will not find a huge selection of brand-name stores, well-maintained streets with landscaping, high level of service and measured European life. However, experienced tourists who have already visited all the popular resorts and are tired of the standard vacation, can find interesting tourist destinations in Africa. In Congo, impressive volcanoes, tropical forests, unique representatives of animal life and unforgettable landscapes that will stay with you on your photos are waiting for you.

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Congo is a unique place worth visiting for all lovers of exoticism, hiking and challenging routes. Here you will find impenetrable jungles, majestic mountains and mesmerizing lakes that will leave no one indifferent. The countryside will delight you with colorful flowers, fruit trees and plenty of vegetation. Mountain peaks hide in the clouds and monkeys roam the rainforests enjoying the succulent leaves.

What to visit in Congo's capital city?

Blue sky and bridge in the daytime

The capital of Congo is the city of Brazzaville. It is a great cultural and administrative center of Congo. The city is also known by other names: N'Tamo or Maya-Maya. The capital is located opposite the city of Kinshasa, on the banks of the Congo River.

Another unique attraction is the Municipal Gardens, which are located both in and around the city itself. The rich fauna and flora of the area have always been diverse and abundant, which is due to the favorable climate characteristic of this city and the country as a whole. Coniferous trees, acacias, bamboo can be found on the territory of Brazzaville, while flower fields and grasses, as well as coconut and oil palms grow all over the city. Thanks to the abundance of greenery, the air in the city is very clean and fresh, which attracts daily visits of tourists from all over the world.

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Brazzaville, the capital of Congo, is home to many attractions. There are the National Museum, the National Theater, which every week pleases visitors with new performances, the mausoleum of Pierre Savornian de Brazza - the founder of this city, the City Hall and the Crafts Museum, which attracts many tourists. In addition, you can see many beautiful buildings and places in the city.

There are also cultural attractions present in Brazzaville such as the Marien Ngouabi University and the huge National Museum. The amazing and unique culture of this country has been enriched with new trends and types of art in recent years. For example, in painting, the Poto-Poto style has become popular, which is expressed in bright colors and stylized silhouettes of people depicting the daily life of the people.

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What else can a tourist see in Congo?

Okapi's in a wildlife refuge

Of special interest are reserves and national parks, where you can see amazing gorillas and other African primates. For tourists with strong nerves will be interesting to visit a snake farm. And lovers of original architecture will like interesting objects, as here you can see structures that largely copy famous buildings from different countries.

Basically, in the major cities of the Republic of Congo there are many attractions concentrated. In the capital you can get acquainted with the unique Basilica of St. Anne, visit the memorial of the founder of the city, Pierre Savornian de Brazza, enjoy the atmosphere of the Temple Mosque and see the oldest cathedral in Central Africa - Sacre Coeur. In addition, there are more than three hundred monuments of colonial architecture. Also notable are the Presidential Palace and the colorful Municipal Gardens. The main coastal city, Pointe Noire, is famous for its majestic Notre Dame Cathedral.

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