General Terms

1. Services and Terms acceptance

1.1 The services offered by the for a fee include services for obtaining a visa from foreign missions/foreign authorities and/or obtaining a visa support letter or invitation, as well as advice on visa matters. The service of has the duty to check the customer's documents for completeness, to obtain the visa or visa support letter and to hand it over to the selected shipping company or to deliver it electronically. Final decision on issuance of a visa in all cases is made solely by the embassy or ministry of the country concerned.

The services are provided even if the relevant consulate declines the visa application or the issuance of an invitation is rejected by the relevant authority. Even if there are changes in the entry requirements in the current process of application, the services of are still provided. Therefore, if the visa is not approved, the services provided by the must be covered through payment. The reserves the right to refuse orders for any reason and to hand over the execution of the order to a third party. basically starts processing customer requests only after the existing Terms of Use have been confirmed. This is predominantly the case if there is no online order on If the customer documents cannot be assigned to an online order upon receipt, confirmation of the Terms of Use by the customer via e-mail is required.

2. Visa and invitation processing time

2.1 The timeframe for applying for a visa or a visa support letter depends on the opening hours of the competent authority, and the partner companies contracted by The period starts at the latest one day after the complete documents are received.

Public holidays in Germany as well as in the respective country of destination are to be considered by the customer. Authorities in other countries may be closed on public holidays or off-days, which may extend the processing time for applications. has no influence in this regard.

The processing time for visa and invitations provided by VN is based on the regular opening hours and the stated processing times of the relevant authorities., once the data has been transmitted to the foreign missions/foreign authorities, has no influence on the processing times in each individual case. Applicants' documents may be retained by the missions or authorities for an extended period of time in individual cases or based on a random sample in some cases for additional verification.

Regarding the securing of travel data, is entitled to adjust the processing time, as well as to charge the client for the shipping method and costs. The same applies to the price changes that result in receipt of the order due to changes in an official scale of fees related to consular or registration fees.

2.2 Shipping is not included in the processing time. The customer must consider all points under point 2 when choosing the processing time. The invitation/reference number is sent by e-mail in most cases. This also applies to the confirmation of the e-visa. It is the customer's responsibility to check the mailbox and spam folder regularly for receipt of the invitation/confirmation.

You must check the confirmation of your e-visa. If you order an invitation, which must be presented to the consulate in the original, you will receive it by mail.

2.3 can process an express visa on a date requested by the customer only if the customer's documents are submitted to the visa department by 8:00 am. If the documents are received after 8:00 a.m. but no later than 9:00 a.m., may process the visa at the price stated in the order. is entitled to make a special trip to the relevant mission/authority according to its own estimation in order to meet the delivery date requested by the customer. The costs incurred for this will be charged to the customer.

3. Other way of delivery

3.1 If during the ordering process the customer selects a shipping method for the return delivery, where the arrival of the visa or documents cannot be guaranteed, is entitled to select another shipping method and charge the costs.

4. Prohibition of offsetting

4.1 Offsetting is legitimate against the requirements of only if the counterclaims were considered legally valid.

5. Prices and terms of payment

5.1 If visa applications are printed incorrectly, are incompletely filled in or contain too little information, they will not be accepted by the missions abroad and will be rejected. Thus, in this case, no visa can be issued. In view of this, reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee for the correction, or more precisely, the additional efforts.

Reissue visa applications of the customer at its own discretion and without consulting the customer again, charging an expense fee to prevent higher processing costs and unnecessary delays in processing time due to obvious formal deficiencies.

In addition, reserves the right not to process documents that have not been completely submitted or that do not meet the requirements of the checklist in the confirmation of the order or the requirements of the relevant consulate. The goal of is to receive or complete all the documents requested in order to ensure a complete package of documents for visa application and to prevent possible rejection by the consulate.

All other costs incurred by due to missing or incomplete application documents of the customer shall be borne by the customer.

5.2 Prices for special expenses

The prices are quoted per person or per item.

Digital photo service
Insurance policy application (no conclusion)
Change of main data
Change of delivery address
Filling in visa applications Russia: Tourist
Filling in visa applications Russia: Business
Filling in visa applications (all countries except Russia)
Filling out online order
Return Certificate (Russia)
Extra visit to VFS/Consulate on the next working day
Special visit to VFS/Consulate
Flight/hotel confirmation for tourist visas
Digitization of documents
Additional charge for incomplete/incorrect documents
Additional charge for internal shipping
Reminder fee
Failed period of direct debit
Copying per piece
Payment and shipping cash on delivery

15,00 €
10,00 €
10,00 €
5,00 €
15,00 €
25,00 €
15,00 €
10,00 €
15,00 €
25,00 €
110,00 €
25,00 €
8,00 €
10,00 €
10,00 €
2,50 €
8,00 - 15,00 €
0,50 €
5,00-25,00 €

5.3 The cost of delivery depends on the method of delivery selected during the booking process. The visa order price does not include the shipping cost. If the customer selects a shipping method that is not suitable for the type of visa ordered, retains the right to change the shipping method and include the corresponding costs in the invoice.

5.4 If the payment is not received in complete, reserves the right to return the documents by cash on delivery and to charge the customer an additional fee. is not liable for any increase in consular fees after the documents are submitted for visa.

6. Responsibility

6.1 It is the sole responsibility of the competent foreign representation (embassy) or authority to make the decision on the issuance of visas or invitations. The is not liable for this. provides its services to the customer as an intermediary for the application for visa or invitation. It is the responsibility of to provide the invitations and visas required by the authorities.

If the client assigned a shipping company, it is the duty of to use this company. assumes the responsibility to deliver the customer documents to the delivery company in a way that allows undamaged transportation to the customer. shall not be liable for any damage, late delivery or loss of the shipment claimed by the customer.

If loss, delay in delivery or damage to documents during transportation occurred due to the fault of the transportation company, is not liable for it.

If the delivery is made by e-mail, the customer shall check his/her own mailbox and spam folder. service will be fulfilled even if the visa or invitation application has not been granted by the competent authority or if the deadline for consideration of the application has changed compared to the ordering process. The time period for issuing visas and invitations may be extended due to temporary closure of authorities or processing procedures that could not have been foreseen in advance by

7. Cancellation

7.1 Cancellations must be made in writing (e-mail, letter, fax). This regulation is valid for both contracting parties.
7.2 After the customer has initiated the payable order and received the order number, a free cancellation is no longer possible. A lump sum of 25,00 € will be charged in case of cancellation. The same applies if the documents of are already available, the processing of the documents has been started and the documents have not yet been forwarded to the responsible foreign mission. Also in this case, in case of cancellation, the customer has to pay a lump sum of expenses in the amount of 50,00 € plus the shipping costs for the return shipment. If the documents are already in transit to the competent representation abroad, the customer must pay 100% of the cancellation fees in case of cancellation of the order.
7.3 It is not possible to cancel invitations/visa support letters according to the § 312d Abs. 4 Nr. 1 BGB law, because they are created especially for the customer.

8. Other agreements

8.1 Agreements or additional agreements that deviate from the Terms of Use listed here must be expressly recorded in writing. The cancellation of the written form clause must also be recorded in writing.

9. Place of jurisdiction

9.1 The place of jurisdiction of both contracting parties is 50321 Brühl, if the customer is a commercial party according to the German Commercial Code (HGB). The contract is subject to German law, the enforcement of claims arising from the contract is subject to German jurisdiction.

10. Final provisions

10.1 In the event that individual provisions or independent parts of this Agreement are invalid, the other clauses of the Agreement shall remain in force.