Unianga Serir Lake Group in Ennedi, Chad
Chad is a unique place full of diversity and exoticism that every traveler should visit.

What to see in Chad?

Fresh Water Lake Bokou, Chad

Chad, officially the Republic of Chad, is a country located in Central Africa. The landscape of Chad will delight everyone - here you can observe a variety of deserts, savannahs, lakes, volcanic hills and oases. The capital of Chad is the city of N'Djamena. This city offers a unique blend of African architecture and modernity.

The population of Chad consists of various ethnic groups such as the Sara, Kanembo, Masa, Fula, Hadja and others. The official language of the country is French, although local languages such as Arabic, Hausa and Kanembo are also common.

Chad is known for its rich history, which is reflected in its cultural heritage. Many archaeological sites can be found in the country, such as the stone circles at Madiamela or the remains of the medieval city of Kanem Bornou. Tourists can also enjoy Chad's rich biodiversity, including its national parks and reserves, such as the Zakouma National Park or Lake Chad. Zakouma National Park is an ideal place for safari enthusiasts and wildlife watchers. Elephants, zebras, lions, antelopes and many exotic birds can be found here.

Chad's culture is reflected in the various crafts and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Visitors to Chad will be welcomed with warmth and respect, showing their hospitality and openness. Traveling through the country, you can attend numerous festivals, music and dance performances, and enjoy the traditional songs and dances of the locals.

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What to visit in Chad?

Chad's cities are vibrant histories, rich cultures and unique atmospheres. Each of these cities has its own unique attractions that attract tourists.


The capital of Chad and one of its most famous cities is N'Djamena. N'Djamena is rich in colonial heritage, which is strongly evident in its architecture and cultural traditions. N'Djamena is located on the banks of the Chad River. Here you can visit numerous museums, galleries, markets and enjoy the local cuisine.


Mundu - this city located in the center of the country is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes. In the vicinity of Mundu, one can find picturesque mountainous landscapes, vast meadows and even small lakes. This land, rich in natural beauty, attracts travelers and outdoor enthusiasts from different parts of the world.


Sarkh is renowned for its rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as the hospitality and welcome of its people. Many historical sites can be found here, including beautiful mosques and ancient ruins that reveal the history of this city and its role in the region.


Abeche is a small but charming town in Chad. With a unique look and atmosphere, Abeche attracts travelers with its peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Here you can enjoy a stroll through the narrow streets, see traditional houses and workshops of local artisans. Abéché is a true gem of Chad.

Interesting places and architecture in Chad

Chad is not only famous for its rich natural resources and cultural heritage, but also impresses with its unique architecture and interesting sites.

National Museum

The National Museum of Chad, located in N'Djamena, is one of the country's most important cultural sites. This museum offers visitors a fascinating journey into Chad's past, telling them about its history, traditions and culture. Inside the museum, one can see many exhibits, artifacts and collections that beautifully showcase the rich heritage of this country.


On the outskirts of N'Djamena is a unique village, Gaui, which belongs to the local tribe. The central place is occupied by the palace of the ruler, built 100 years ago. Ceramic round houses attract with their unusual ornaments painted with multicolored paints. The inhabitants of this village are actively engaged in pottery. They make a variety of jugs, plates and bricks, which are used in the construction of houses.

N'Djamena Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque of N'Djamena, built in traditional Islamic style in 1978, is one of the most impressive religious and architectural sights in Chad. It was built on the site of ruins from the Sao civilization that existed in Chad many hundreds of years ago. The building of the mosque includes two minarets and a vast courtyard, and its walls are lined with white marble. It is the country's main place of worship and only the faithful are allowed inside.

Nature of Chad

Lake Chad

One of the most striking natural features of Chad is Lake Chad, the largest body of water in Africa. Its surface covers an area of more than 13,000 square kilometers, and even in extreme heat, it attracts many species of inhabitants, including birds of various species, fish and other aquatic creatures. Lake Chad is a national treasure of the country and serves as an important source of fresh water for local people and wildlife.


In the region of Tibesti is located - Ennedi, a sandstone plateau 1450 meters high. On the rocks are preserved ancient petroglyphs created by the hands of the ancient inhabitants of this place. The images represent animals, human figures, hunting scenes and rituals, which allows us to conclude that the tribes that lived on the African continent in the Neolithic period left their mark on the rocks of Ennedi.


The stony Sahara Desert, which runs through 11 countries, occupies the western part of Chad. Its vast sand dunes and lifeless landscapes regularly attract extreme adventurers. Here you can go camel trekking, explore lost cities and oases, and enjoy incredible sunsets and night skies.

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Chad is an exciting journey to an undiscovered world where every person will find something special and unforgettable.

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