Talent Visa

Talent Visa is a way for outstanding people in different fields to obtain a visa. This program provides unique opportunities for talented people who want to work and live in another country. Obtaining a talent visa allows people to unlock their potential and contribute to global development.

Who gets a talent visa?

This visa allows you to stay in the country for an extended period of time (3-5 years or longer) and subsequently apply for a residence permit. It is not necessary to have real estate, employment or an employer to obtain this visa. Talent visa can be obtained by professionals from various fields such as science, arts, sports, business and IT sector. Talented tattoo artists or experienced hairdressers can also qualify for this visa.

Which countries issue a talent visa?

Currently, you can apply for a talent visa to France, Portugal, the UK, Germany, the UAE and the USA. Thanks to this visa, professionals can legally start their own project or business, work as employees, do freelance work or provide paid consulting.


outstanding specialists in science, IT, culture and art over 18 years of age


artists who have a contract with a French company or a long-term project, investors and talent with an existing contract


those wishing to take up creative work for hire or self-employment in creative activity


Scientists, physicians, outstanding leaders, talented students, investors, entrepreneurs, IT, electronics and biotech talent


Outstanding professionals in science, arts, education, business, sports, art, television and film industry, their direct assistants and family members

One of the advantages of a talent visa is that it allows for long-term residency. This gives people stability and the opportunity to build their lives in a new country. In addition, a talent visa gives the opportunity to work in different fields such as sports, science, arts, and more.

The EB-1 Talent Visa is a favored visa category that provides an opportunity to obtain a U.S. residence permit based on employment. It is intended for priority workers who possess extraordinary abilities, are outstanding professors and researchers, or executives and managers of foreign companies transferred to the United States.

The Athlete Talent Visa is another opportunity for talented individuals. This visa is for athletes who want to work and train in another country. It allows athletes to develop in their field and represent their country internationally.

What documents do I need to apply for a talent visa?

Each country has its own rules and subtleties in the application process. For precise information about the requirements, get a free consultation from our visa center specialists. Here are some general requirements that apply to all countries - you must provide evidence of your professionalism.

Personal statement

A letter or essay that should tell about yourself and how your talent can be of use or interest to a new country.

Recommendation letters

Three cover letters from experts and recognized professionals in your field

Publications in mass media

Commercial success achieved

proof of high income in your industry

Jury participation

or reviewing the work of others in your field

Membership in organizations

or participation in projects that take solely on the basis of achievements in your field

Research publications

(or articles in professional media) is a separate criterion, it is not related to publications in the general media

Talent Visa is a special program that gives people the opportunity to show their abilities and merits. It opens doors to new opportunities and allows people to realize their dreams. A Talent Visa is a chance to become part of a global community of talented people.

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