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What is usually the most difficult part of preparing for a trip abroad? Of course, it is visa processing, which requires filling out and submitting a large number of documents, as well as consuming a lot of time and money. The governments of many European and Asian countries, caring about the development of tourist and business cooperation, concluded an agreement, according to which the concept of a group visa for tourist travel was introduced.

This means that now they have the opportunity to order group visa processing, which ends up being much faster, more convenient and cheaper. In addition, this method does not require participants to fill out a huge amount of paperwork and provide photos. However, in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the basic requirements for obtaining it.

A group visa is a permit that is issued to a group of people, whether they are tourists or business partners. A group visa requires a certain minimum number of people in the group. These types of visas are issued to people who purchase a tour and fly to the country at the same time, on the same ship and on the same day.

Organizing a group trip allows you to save on visa fees, as one common visa is issued for the entire group. In addition, group travel provides an opportunity to communicate and share experiences with other travelers, which makes the trip more interesting and rich.

The following requirements apply to tourist group visas for most countries:

A certain number of people in the group (not less and not more than the number set by the country's legislation)

One route for all participants

Same tour program for all participants

Departing on the same flight

What documents are usually required to apply for a group visa?

Travel passports of all tourists in the group

Color passport photos

Round-trip airfare

You may need additional documents depending on the country. To find out more, please see the page of the country you are interested in or contact our visa center for advice.

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