Journalist visa

Visas for foreign media workers are an authorization for a journalist to carry out his/her activities in the territory of a country. They are temporary non-immigrant visas intended for temporary travel by foreign media workers who are permanently working outside the country. According to the immigration law, the immigration office applies a number of procedures to obtaining a journalist visa and charges fees. This means that the procedures for issuing visas to foreign media workers depend on the privileges and restrictions imposed by the respective State on media workers.

Visas for media workers are issued in accordance with the requirements of the immigration laws of the country of destination. In order to obtain a journalist visa, a certain set of criteria must be met. The journalist visa is intended for foreign media workers such as members of the press, radio, film industry and publishing houses. Such workers must perform key functions in the work of the media, reporters, crew members, editors and other professionals, and must travel to the country of destination to carry out their professional activities. The applicant must be engaged in relevant work for a media outlet with a head office located outside the country of destination.

In what cases can a journalist visa be issued?

Here are some of the most common cases where you can get a media employee visa.

  • You must be an employee of a foreign news media outlet or independent production company. You must have a credential issued by your country confirming your journalistic activities.
  • You must be an employee of a media company specializing in film production or distribution.
  • You are a contracted journalist with official credentials.
  • You are traveling to a country as a foreign journalist to report on an event for a foreign audience.
  • You are authorized as a representative of a travel agency.

The main documents required to obtain a journalist visa are usually:

Visa application form

Photo that meets the country's requirements

Valid travel passport

Payment of consular fee

Documents confirming journalistic activity (service contract or certificate of employment)

If necessary, additional documents may be required depending on the country of destination and your nationality. To find out more, please contact our visa application center for advice.

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