Pungo Andongo mountains, Angola
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What to visit in Angola?

Republic of Angola is a former Portuguese colony with beautiful beaches, rocky landscapes and tropical national parks. The state located in the southwest of Africa and washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Angola's advantages for tourists include stunning natural beauty, exotic wildlife and unspoiled beaches along its vast coastline. Popular natural attractions include the Kalandula Waterfalls, the Tundavala Gap and the Iona National Park. The country's capital and largest city, Luanda, offers many cultural experiences, historical sites and a vibrant nightlife.

Other notable cities in Angola are Benguela, known for its beautiful beaches and architecture, and Lubango, famous for its unique structures, such as the Christ the King statue, and the nature surrounding the city.

For business, Angola has significant potential due to its vast natural resources including oil, diamonds and minerals. The government is making efforts to diversify the economy and create a more favorable environment for investment, especially in sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure and tourism.

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What places to visit in Angola?

Luanda, the capital of Angola
Luanda, the capital of Angola

Luanda is the capital of Angola and the largest city in the country. Here you will find an interesting mix of Portuguese architecture and modern buildings.

Famous places to visit: Fort São Miguel, the National Museum of Anthropology, Marginal (Luanda's waterfront) and numerous beaches.

A former colony of Portugal, Angola became an independent republic in 1975.

The official language of the country is Portuguese, and the local languages are national languages such as Umbundu, Kimbundu and Kikonga.

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Kissama National Park
Kissama National Park

Kissama Park, also known as Kiama Park, is located in Bengo province in northern Angola. It is one of the country's most scenic and diverse national parks.

Spread over an area of about 9,600 square kilometers, the park features an amazing variety of natural landscapes, including savannahs, forests and swamps.

The park was established in 1957 and was originally called Kiama Park, after the Kiama River that runs through the area. It was later renamed Kissama Park and has become an important site for the protection of wildlife and threatened species.

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Mountain range, Bie island
Mountain range, Bie island

Tunda Vala is an impressive mountain range located on the island of Bié, at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level. From here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the relatively flat plateaus and the surrounding geography.

The Tunda Vala mountain range is characterized by a diverse landscape: lush vegetation, rugged terrain, and impressive cliffs all make it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Apart from the beauty of the landscape, the Tunda Vala Range is also culturally significant. The area has a rich history, with various indigenous peoples living here for centuries.


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