Visa for crew

Among visas for non-residents, there is a special category that is not a work visa in the full sense of the word. However, it is granted to professionals so that they can perform their work. This visa is usually granted to crew members of ships and aircraft. It is required for transit through the airspace or territorial waters of the country. This type of visa is also suitable for those who need to transit through the country to start working on board a sea vessel or airplane. Sailors, pilots, flight attendants, maintenance and support staff of airplanes and sea vessels are issued long-term crew visas. There is no limit on the number of entries.

Crew visa requirements are restrictions imposed by countries on the entry and transit of crew members. These requirements differ from regular visa regulations and are intended for short stays and specific duties. The validity periods of transit visas for crew members are usually limited and depend on the country and other circumstances. The visa policy for crew members is set by each country and applies during transit or boarding a ship or aircraft. Crew members generally cannot perform work or repairs without proper authorization while in port or while traveling in territorial waters. Some countries offer a visa-free entry program or do not issue a crew visa, but allow entry for a limited period of time with the required documentation.

A crew visa is an essential requirement for crew members of air and sea vessels. It is also issued to crew members of airplanes carrying foreign delegations or heads of state.

In what cases may a crew member visa be required?

  • Pilot or flight attendant of a commercial airplane
  • Captain, engineer or sailor of a seagoing vessel
  • A lifeguard, cook, waiter, beautician or other service personnel on a cruise ship
  • trainee aboard a training ship

Usually the following documents are required to apply for a crew member visa:

Original passport

with at least 6 months validity, with 2 or more blank pages for the visa

Passport photocopy

Visa application form

fully completed and signed


A recent passport photo on a white background.

Letter of Guarantee

issued by the transport company and a letter of invitation issued by the relevant unit in the country of destination

Depending on your nationality and country of destination, there may be additional requirements.

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