Questions and answers about visa

Do you have questions about applying for a visa, visa validity or our services? On this page we have collected the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Of course, you can also use our free customer service and ask questions in person. To ask questions about specific countries, simply go to the country page.

What's a visa?

A visa is permission for foreign travelers to enter a particular country. Citizens of EU countries can now enter most of Europe without a visa. However, in many countries outside the EU, foreign travelers require a visa for a certain period of stay in the country. The visa is usually stamped on a passport.

What types of visas are there?

Not all visas are the same. Each country uses different types of visas to classify incoming foreign nationals depending on their purpose of visit. Anyone going on vacation abroad for a limited period of time can usually get by with a tourist visa. However, if the foreign national plans to work, study, or engage in other local activities, appropriate authorizations such as a work or student visa are required. Many countries also have visa regulations for journalists, film crew members, and those staying for humanitarian or project-related purposes. To find out exactly what is behind the different visa categories and why a work visa is not the same as a business visa, see the pages of our website. For a detailed description of all types of visas for specific countries, see the country pages.

For which countries do I need a visa?

Whether you need a visa for your destination depends, among other things, on your nationality, the length of your stay and the purpose of your trip. On our website, you can find out in advance whether you need a visa by visiting the page of the country you are interested in. If you still have questions or doubts, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to help!

Choosing the right visa - What to consider?

If you are planning a trip to a country that requires a visa, it is important to answer a few questions in order to choose the right one from the variety. The following points should be clarified before applying for a residence permit:

What is the purpose of my trip?
How long do I plan to stay?
Am I entering and leaving more than once?
What are the requirements to enter the desired country?
How and where do I apply for a visa?
Can I provide all the necessary documents?

Note. We strongly discourage making visa selections based on unofficial information found on the Internet. Consulates and immigration authorities require travelers to provide very specific evidence. In addition to the application form and a valid passport, the invitation is one of the most important documents for obtaining a residence permit in many countries where a visa is required. In these cases, confirmation of a flight or hotel reservation is not enough. The need for an invitation letter varies depending on the country and visa type.

Where can I apply for a visa?

There are different ways to apply for a visa, depending on the entry rules for the chosen country. A common option is to submit a visa application to a consulate or embassy in your country. If the application is approved, the traveler receives the relevant mark in their passport - usually in the form of a stamp or sticker. Some countries, such as India, offer the option to apply for an electronic visa online through a website. Sometimes a traveler receives a visa only at their destination.

Visa services As an accredited visa agency, we will personally take care of the entry permit for the country you have chosen. If you order a visa online from us, we will contact the authorities ourselves and deliver the travel permit to your home.

How many times can I enter and exit the country on a visa?

The frequency of entry and exit depends on the types of entry available (single entry, double entry or multiple entry), which also depend on the country and visa type. You usually have the choice of single entry, double entry or multiple entry. For example, if you apply for a multiple-entry visa, you are allowed to enter the country multiple times during the validity of your visa.

What is the difference between the validity of a visa and the authorized period of stay?

The validity of a visa starts from the day of its issuance and defines the period during which entry into the country must take place. And the period of stay refers to the number of days during which the traveler is allowed to stay in the country of destination.

What does the addition "invitation included" mean?

For some countries (e.g. Russia, China, Iran) or certain types of visas we offer to order a visa together with an invitation. This way you do not have to worry about obtaining the invitation for your visa application yourself, we will take care of it for you.

Questions about required documents for application

What documents do I need to submit to apply for a visa?

The visa application package differs from country to country. Almost all authorities require the following documents from applicants:

  • fully completed visa application form
  • biometric passport photo (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • international health insurance

Note. For detailed information on the documents to be submitted, go to the country you wish to enter. You will also receive an overview of all required application documents by email after you place your order.

What do I need to consider for my passport photo?

Passport photos generally have the following requirements:

  • biometric
  • size 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • color, original
  • taken not later than 2 years ago

Note. Please note that requirements may vary from country to country. Select your destination country to read the detailed requirements.

What is an invitation?

An invitation is often also called a letter of invitation, voucher or visa support letter. It is proof of the purpose of your stay in the destination country. States that require a visa often require a letter of invitation from the host country, which is mandatory for visa applications. For example, the writer may be an individual you wish to visit or a company you work for abroad. For some countries we offer a visa already with an invitation letter from König Tours.

I have the wrong invitation - what can I do?

Unfortunately, you cannot change or correct an invitation that has already been sent. However, if your invitation is incorrect, you have the option to issue a new invitation through us.

Do I need international medical insurance?

Whether you need international medical insurance to apply for a visa depends on the country of destination. It is impossible to enter Russia or Algeria, for example, without valid international health insurance. But even if it is not required for visiting the country, it is still advisable to take out insurance for the whole period of your trip. Our advice: You can get insurance very easily with

Questions about our services

How long does it take to get a visa?

The time to receive your visa depends on the processing time you selected when booking online. The visa processing time is calculated in working days. In addition to the processing time, you must take into account the delivery of the documents provided and then the visa issued. The timeliness of visa delivery also depends on the embassies and consulates that decide to issue the visa. Also make sure that you send us a complete and correct package of documents to be submitted to the relevant representation abroad. If you need a visa at short notice, please contact us before placing your order. We will let you know if the visa can be delivered within the timeframe you require.

Do I have to obtain my visa in person?

If you have instructed us to obtain your visa, we will be happy to mail it to you if necessary. Alternatively, you can collect your visa in person at our headquarters in Brühl or at our branch in Frankfurt. Please indicate your preferred delivery option on the form. Electronic visas are always sent by e-mail.

I am not a German citizen, can I use your services?

We can obtain your visa if you have a residence permit or proof of registration in the Federal Republic of Germany. This proof must be attached to the application documents.

What additional services does offer?

So that you can enter the country of destination with peace of mind and no more stressful travel preparations, we offer our clients a number of additional services:

  • emergency service
  • international health insurance
  • application processing
  • invitation
  • Visa Comfort Service
  • Visa Premium Service
  • Registration (for Russia)
  • Proof of readiness to return

These services can be additionally booked when ordering online.

Questions about ordering and cost

How much does a visa cost?

The cost of your visa depends on various factors such as the desired destination country, visa type, processing time and more. You will be able to see the cost of your visa before booking.

What payment options are available?

If you are applying for a visa through us, you have the following payment options:

  • Prepayment
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Payment on delivery
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
What does the cost of my visa come out of?

Various factors affect the cost of a visa: country of destination, type of visa (e.g. tourist visa, work visa), visa validity period, number of entries, desired processing time in working days, your nationality and number of travelers.

How is the visa delivered?

You have the option to select your shipping address and desired shipping method when ordering online. The visa is usually delivered by post. However, you can also pick up your passport with visa in person at our office in Brühl or Frankfurt. Please pay attention to the information about the exact place of delivery, as this depends on the visa. The electronic visa (e-visa) is usually delivered by e-mail.