Visa for internship

Visa for internship or traineeship is granted to foreign nationals who have completed higher education within the last two years or who are undergoing studies leading to higher education and who participate in an internship program in (by signing an internship agreement or contract) in order to improve their knowledge, gain practical experience and develop their professional career.

University students from any country in the world can get the opportunity to do an internship at a company in the chosen country. Taking advantage of this opportunity is worthwhile for several reasons, but the main one is a valuable line to add to your resume immediately after graduation. "Did an internship abroad!" - is a reason to stand out from the crowd of other job seekers.

An internship abroad helps to combine the theoretical knowledge gained by a student during their studies with the practical experience that can only be gained by working in a real workplace.

What documents are usually required to obtain an internship visa?

Visa application

The applicant or his/her representative must complete and sign the visa application. If the applicant is a minor, one of his/her parents or authorized representative must sign the application.


Provide a recent color passport photograph

Original passport and a copy of the page with biometric data

Passport must be valid for at least 1 more year and have two blank pages

A residence permit issued by the office or representative office of the government of the locality where the internship will take place

Proof of residence

hotel or apartment reservation

Certificate of absence of criminal record

Copies of the parent's or legal representative's documents

To confirm the identity and legal capacity of the representative, if the applicant is a minor. If the application is submitted through a legal representative, a passport and a document confirming the authorization should be provided.

Payment of visa fee

Depending on your nationality and country of destination, additional documents may be required. Check the information on the country you are interested in or ask our experts for advice.

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