Private visa

What is a private visa and what does it offer?

A private visa is granted to foreign nationals who plan to enter the country to visit their relatives or friends. This standard private visa is issued to citizens or stateless persons who intend to come as guests on an invitation issued in accordance with the legislation of the chosen country, upon application by the citizen.

Private visas come as single-entry and multiple-entry visas, depending on the country of destination.

A visa allows you to enter a country and stay in it for the period of time for which you are authorized by the immigration service. The purpose of entry must be consistent with your visa. The validity of the visa is from the date of entry into the country and is stated in the 'conditions' section on the visa tag. You must make sure that you are applying for the right visa. You may be refused entry to the country if the purpose of your visit is not correctly stated.

Requirements for private visas vary from country to country (read more on the private visa pages of the country you are interested in) and are subject to change. As each application is considered individually, you should contact a consulate, embassy or our visa center. There is a fee for the visa application and you should check the fee as it may vary. Fees are charged in different currencies in different countries. Private visas are not issued on arrival. If you arrive without a visa for a private visit, you will not be allowed into the country. We therefore advise you to apply for a visa in advance.

Usually the following documents are required to apply for a private visa:

Valid travel passport

At least one blank page in the passport for visa stamps

Adequate financial resources

to cover running costs throughout your stay

Return ticket

Visa application form

Invitation and passport of a private person of the country of destination

Other documents may be required if necessary. Submission of a complete package does not guarantee a visa. Applications should be sent at least four weeks before the planned date of travel.

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