Cultural visa

Do you want to enjoy the arts? If you love visiting theaters and museums around the world and now plan to visit cultural venues and events in your chosen country, you will definitely need a cultural visa for entry. Without this entry document in your passport, you will not be allowed to enter the country. So take the time to gather the necessary documents and apply for a visa.

The term "cultural visa" refers to the issuance of a short-term authorization to enter the country of destination for the purpose of attending various cultural events. This type of visa is granted to those wishing to attend musical events including festivals, concerts, sporting events and professional seminars.

The processing of a cultural visa is quite fast, usually taking only a few days. Obtaining a visa allows you not only to attend a long-awaited music concert, but also to enjoy the sights of the country.

What documents are usually required to apply for a cultural visa?

Valid travel passport

Two color photographs

of a passport sample on a white background

Visa application form

fully completed and signed

Certificate of income from the place of employment

or a bank statement of funds

Health insurance

It is important to note that all documents sent must be up to date and submitted in full. The absence of any of the documents specified in the list of required documents for a visa to the country of your choice may result in the denial of your visa application. The Immigration Service reserves the right to request additional documents at its discretion. Submission of the above documents does not guarantee a visa. All completed forms and documents must be prepared and submitted individually for each applicant (including family members or other travel participants).

Information may vary depending on the country of destination and your nationality. Please contact our visa application center for advice.

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