View of Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa
The Republic of South Africa is an attractive destination for tourists. The country offers everything from majestic mountain peaks to beautiful beaches, from breezy prairies to national parks with an abundance of wildlife.

What to see in South Africa?

Penguins at Simon's Town, South Africa

The Republic of South Africa (RSA), also known as South Africa, is located on the southern part of the African continent and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Indian Ocean in the east. The capital of South Africa is Pretoria, but the country's most famous city and economic center is Cape Town.

The Republic of South Africa is a multi-ethnic state, where representatives of various ethnic groups (Zulu, Kosa, Tswana, Suto, Tsonga and others) live. The majority of the population is Christian, but other religions including Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism are also present.

South Africa is one of the richest countries in the region. The combination of primitiveness and modernity makes it a place of contrasts. South Africa offers its visitors a unique opportunity to explore the country's beauty and attractions: stunning beaches, majestic mountains, and preserved nature reserves.

Each of the nine provinces of the republic has its own unique landscapes, sights, natural monuments and interesting places, as well as characterized by its ethnic composition. These factors attract a huge number of tourists who want to immerse themselves in the culture of South Africa.

The country has a varied climate, from subtropical in the east to maritime in the west. Between May and September is the rainy season on the east coast, while in the west the summers are bright and sunny. The best time to visit South Africa depends on your preferences and planned activities.

For most countries, tourists must obtain a visa to visit South Africa. Different types of visas, including tourist, business and family visit visas, can be obtained through the nearest South African embassy or consulate.

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What to visit in the Republic of South Africa?

Humpback whale off the southern coast of South Africa

South Africa offers an incredible variety of attractions: from beautiful beaches to breathtaking natural scenery and historically significant sites, South Africa caters to every taste and interest.

Natural Attractions:

South Africa is renowned for its diverse natural landscapes. From the breathtaking cloudless beaches of the Cape Peninsula to the majestic mountain ranges of the Dragon Mountains, there is something to suit everyone's taste. The country's famous Kruger National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife including elephants, lions, giraffes and rhinos. The St. Lucia Swamps is a national park with extensive ponds, home to a large number of crocodiles and flamingos.

Cultural Attractions:

The mix of cultural traditions and ethnic groups makes South Africa a unique country rich in history. The cities of Cape Town and Durban are known for their colorful neighborhoods and markets where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, sample local cuisine and learn about local crafts. One place to visit is Robben Island, where Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were imprisoned. There are also numerous museums that tell the story of South Africa's struggle against apartheid, a system of racial discrimination that only ceased to exist in 1994.

Beaches and outdoor activities:

South Africa is famous for its beautiful beaches, nestled between two oceans, and offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. Here you can enjoy surfing on huge waves, go swimming with sharks, whale watching. And you can also see a lot of penguins that live on the ocean in a small cove. Safaris, hiking, wine tourism are just some of the many outdoor activities available in South Africa.

Local cuisine:

South Africa's local cuisine will delight lovers of diverse flavors. There are braai - a local version of barbecue, bobotie - a traditional meat dish with spices, bunyaelemi - Korean noodles with vegetables and seafood, and many other dishes influenced by a variety of cultural traditions. Not to forget the local wines, which are famous for their flavor and renowned worldwide.

Which cities should tourists visit in South Africa?

South African cities are amazing places to travel, each with their own unique look and features.

Paul Kruger Statue in Pretoria, South Africa


Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa, located in the province of Gauteng. Here, you can explore the country's rich history and visit cultural and historical attractions such as the governing palace and Pretoriuskop. Don't forget to also enjoy the beauty of the parks and gardens that attract locals and tourists.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

Cape Town, located on the Cape Peninsula, is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. This city is unique in its geographical location and attracts tourists with its beautiful coastline, mountains, many museums, restaurants, stores and the famous Cape of Good Hope. Cape Town is also home to attractions such as Table Mountain, the Victorian Pool and the Cap Maliai fishermen's district.

Johannesburg, South Africa


Johannesburg, the capital of the Gauteng province, is South Africa's largest city and a symbol of economic progress and cultural diversity. This multicultural city brings together different cultures and ethnic groups. Johannesburg is famous for its tall skyscrapers, modern shopping centers and rich culture. Here you can visit places like Lesotho, Bloemfontein, Savannah Mark and Stone Mine, one of South Africa's most significant historical sites.

Sun City in South Africa

Sun City

Sun City is located near the border with Botswana, is one of the most luxurious resorts in South Africa. This resort city is famous for its luxury hotels, casinos, golf courses and entertainment complexes. You can enjoy a luxurious vacation, visit the casinos and the famous Sun City Residence.

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