Astana Mosque
Visit Kazakhstan - a country with rich history, magnificent landscapes and unique culture. Enjoy our hospitality and discover the undiscovered beauty of Kazakhstan.

What to see in Kazakhstan?

View of the city from above

Kazakhstan is a vast country located at the junction of Europe and Asia. Visitors are always welcomed here, attracted by the rich nature and historical monuments. Hundreds of cultures and nationalities have coexisted in this beautiful and multifaceted country for centuries, giving it a unique diversity. There are many attractions in Kazakhstan - historical and modern monuments, natural and man-made wonders, which are abundant here. One of the main riches of the country is the vast steppes, which contain countless artifacts. Everyone will find something interesting here, discovering something new and special. To organize your trip it is recommended to plan the route in advance.

The vast expanses and nature of Kazakhstan every year attract more and more travelers, especially auto-tourists and hitchhikers, as many interesting places can be reached only by car.

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Located 200 km from Almaty, the Charyn Canyon is known for its "American" landscapes, the play of light and shadow on orange-red rocks. The mountains rise 150-300 meters, and the most popular section is the Valley of Castles. You can also visit ash and turang groves in the Charyn National Park.

Tamshaly Canyon, located near the coast of the Caspian Sea (landmark - Kanga), is not as famous, but offers completely different scenery. The weathered and chiseled rocks give the impression of a giant spring bowl, and in winter the water flowing down the rocks freezes in cascades.
Southwestern Kazakhstan is famous for its natural attractions, including a unique natural attraction - Karagye, one of the deepest depressions on land, located 50 kilometers from Aktau in a desert area. Karagye is located at a depth of 132 meters below sea level.

What can a tourist see in Kazakhstan?

Astana-Bayterek Monument in Astana in the fall

Astana-Baiterek Monument

The Astana-Bayterek Monument is one of the key symbols of Kazakhstan, symbolizing prosperity and well-being. According to the architects' idea, this building in Kazakhstan embodies the idea of a three-tiered Peace Tree, which reflects the confrontation between good and evil, uniting the world of the dead, the world of the living and the heavens. On the lower level of the landmark you can visit a cafe, an art gallery and a huge aquarium with different kinds of fish. The middle level of the monument is represented by a high tower with modern fast elevators. The uppermost level is represented by a huge glass ball, inside of which a beautiful panoramic view of Astana's surroundings opens up.

Rocket launch at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan


Baikonur is the first and largest spaceport in the world, located in Kazakhstan. Its name was chosen by the Soviet secret services in order to confuse the "potential enemy". In fact, the city of Baikonur exists on the territory of the country, but it is located about 350 kilometers away from the real location of the cosmodrome, in the settlement of Tyuratam. However, the name "Baikonur" has become common thanks to newspapers, radio and television. Such significant events as the launch of the first artificial satellite and the first human space flight were realized from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Manned spacecraft of the Vostok, Voskhod and Soyuz series were also launched here. The Salyut and Mir space stations, the reusable Energia-Buran system, interplanetary probes and artificial Earth satellites were all launched from Baikonur.

Khazret Sultan Mosque in Kazakhstan

Khazret Sultan Mosque

Khazret Sultan Mosque is the largest sanctuary in Kazakhstan. It is a modern building, which began its history recently - in 2012. The beauty of both exterior and interior decoration of the structure attracts attention with its lightness, solemnity, beautiful painting and voluminous decor. All prayer halls of the mosque are designed for 10 thousand worshippers, and the total area of the sanctuary is as much as 11 hectares. The building is especially impressive in the dark, as each level is magnificently highlighted by night illumination.

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