A visa is a special document that grants the right to cross a border. In other words, it is an authorization for a foreigner to enter another country. Visas can be presented in the form of stickers, stamps, seals, inserts, stamps, which are attached to the passport of a citizen. These permits are issued by embassies, consulates and visa centers. The procedure for obtaining a visa is quite complicated (includes collecting the necessary documents, proving financial solvency, going through an interview, etc.). Therefore, it is best to entrust visa processing to professionals. This will save time and ensure reliability, although it may be a little more expensive.

There are ordinary, official and diplomatic visas. In addition, visas can be single entry, double entry or multiple entry. A consular fee is charged for the issuance of a visa. The amount of this fee is determined by international and domestic laws.

The different types of visas not only imply authorization to enter a country, but also establish the purpose of the visit, limits on the length of stay, and restrictions on permitted activities and movement of funds and goods. Typically, visas are divided into short-term and long-term visas based on the duration of validity. Each of these groups has several additional subcategories. In every country in the world, visas are categorized or designated by alphanumeric codes and are intended for certain types of visits.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the information about each visa. However, the information may vary depending on the country and your nationality, so we recommend that you contact our visa center for advice.

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