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Visit Puerto Rico, a beautiful island located in the Caribbean Sea with its unique culture, stunning beaches and gorgeous nature!

What to see in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a country located in the Caribbean. In the past it was one of the colonies of Spain, but now it has the status of a Freely Associated State, while being a territory controlled by the United States. Despite the formal independence, the influence of America is still tangible: English is taught here, Catholicism is practiced, and payments are made in dollars. Puerto Rico is an island state, where most of the population lives on the island with the same name. The smaller territories that make up the country include the islands of Vieques, Desecheo, Caja de Muertos, Culebra, and Mona. Puerto Rico is located in an area with a mild tropical maritime climate characterized by small fluctuations in temperature. The average annual temperature in this part of the Caribbean does not fall below +28 °C. From June to November, weather conditions deteriorate slightly due to the traditional arrival of Atlantic hurricanes.

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Most travelers associate this beautiful corner of Central America, first of all, with cozy beaches, bright shades of the sea surface, delicious pina colada and lively rhythms of salsa. While Puerto Rico is not yet as popular as the neighboring Dominican Republic, you can have just as good a vacation here. There is also plenty to see in Puerto Rico. Caribbean spirit and exoticism permeate this country, whether it's the amazing nature or the rich national cuisine. Add to that the colonial heritage in architecture, the obligatory Latin American carnivals and the best rum in the world, and you can see why so many travelers dream of visiting Puerto Rico.

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For a popular ecotourism destination in Puerto Rico, it can be said that if it's not paradise, it's very close to it. Covered in dense tropical forests, crisscrossed by rushing rivers and washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, the islands here have a genuine magic that attracts tourists. Moreover, some of these islands are still uninhabited, which attracts secluded travelers and those seeking tranquility.

There are about 239 species of animals, 16 species of birds and 39 species of reptiles and amphibians that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. By the way, the best place to get acquainted with the local biosphere are the protected areas and national parks, which are numerous in this small state.

Puerto Rico's unique atmosphere is hidden in its history and culture. On the one hand, every visitor feels like in the USA: with laws, order, modern technology and even school buses - everything like in Southern California. On the other hand, Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise with turquoise ocean waters, colorful fish, palm trees, lush tropical vegetation, the sweet scent of exotic flowers and delightful pink sunsets. On the third hand, it is an integral part of Latin America, and on the fourth hand, it is a history of great navigators, the discovery of the New World, fearless pirates and lost treasures. All this makes Puerto Rico an amazing island that is visited by more than 8 million tourists every year, mostly from the United States. They appreciate this island for its modernity, hospitality and lack of prejudice.

What to visit in Puerto Rico

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So, what should a tourist visit in Puerto Rico? If you are already tired of the hustle and bustle of modern life, go to Isla Mona, a real "Jurassic Park". Here the history of our planet is revealed to you as an open book: amazing geological formations, flocks of huge iguanas, as if returned from the distant time of the dinosaurs, bats, catching fish in flight from the sea... And if you prefer to dive in coral reefs and relax on almost outlandish beaches, go to the small island of Culebra. And at certain times of the year, surfers can enjoy the legendary 15-meter waves.

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Old San Juan is a real find for lovers of the history of the colonization of the Americas by Europeans: it is the most beautiful surviving city of the colonial period. In this city, the curious tourist will find many museums dedicated not only to the Spanish history of the island from the XV century, but also to the history of the pre-Columbian Taino tribe. Despite all the efforts of the conquistadors, the culture of this tribe is still alive and has a significant influence on the culture, cuisine and general atmosphere of the island today. In addition, Old San Juan (or, more precisely, Puerto Rico - "Rich Port", as the city was called until the XIX century, and the island was named after San Juan, one of the saints according to Spanish tradition, although later geographers confused the two names, and the modern version was fixed on maps) is a great place for walking: old houses and churches, cozy squares, picturesque galleries, restaurants and cafes, stores and much more.

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