Planning to introduce visa-free regime for five countries in Russia

Moscow, Russia

The news that citizens of some Asian and Middle Eastern countries will be able to enter Russia without visas was a landmark event not only for the tourism industry, but also for strengthening international relations. The move, announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry, heralds a new era in tourist flow and interaction between the countries.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova confirmed at a recent briefing that visa-free travel agreements with a number of countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa are being actively negotiated. The move is intended to strengthen friendly relations and expand tourism opportunities in the region.

Close attention is being paid to Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. It is expected that in the near future citizens of these countries will be able to enter Russia without a visa. This significant development is welcomed as a step towards increasing tourist traffic from these regions and deepening mutual understanding and cultural exchange.

There are also plans to sign visa-free entry agreements with some Asian countries such as Malaysia and Myanmar. This will open up new prospects for the development of the tourism industry and will contribute to strengthening interconnections between Russia and Asian countries.

It is planned that these new measures will play an important role in the development of international tourism in Russia and contribute to the expansion of economic and cultural ties between the countries. The visa-free regime will facilitate the visiting procedure and create more favourable conditions for interaction and cooperation.

Overall, the cancellation of visa restrictions for citizens of some Asian and Middle Eastern countries is an important step towards strengthening international ties and creating an open and hospitable Russia for all countries of the world.