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What to see in Burundi

Burundi is a country in Central Africa, bordering Rwanda, DR Congo and Tanzania. Burundi is one of the smallest African states and is often referred to as the heart of the continent because the outline of the country resembles the shape of a heart.

Burundi is landlocked. The country is located on a plateau that drops down to Lake Tanganyika. The height of the central plateau is 1.5-2 km. Mountains extend to the west of the country. Mount Heha is located southeast of the capital Bujumbura.

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The climate in the country of Burundi is tropical and daytime temperatures fluctuate considerably. Also, temperatures vary according to altitude. On the central plateau the average temperature is around 20 °C, around Lake Tanganyika the air warms up to 23 °C, and in the mountains it drops to 16 °C. The dry season lasts from June to August and December to January, while the wet season lasts from September to November and February to May.

What to visit in Burundi?

In Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, you can see the parliament building and the former colonial administration, while the city of Gitega is home to the royal palace. In Burundi's nature you will find Kagera River waterfalls, Kibabi hot springs, and Makamba and Bururi nature reserves, while Lake Tanganyika will amaze you with its beauty. While touring Burundi, you can visit two protected national parks. In the northwest of the country is Kibira National Park, which borders Rwanda's Nyungwe Forest National Park. Over 90% of Kibira's territory is mountain rainforest, and the park has been protected since 1933. The predominant plant species include Symphonia globulifera, Newtonia buchananii, Albizia rubber (Albizia gummifera) and Entandrophragma excelsum. There are also areas with mountain swamps and Arundinaria alpine (Arundinaria alpine) bamboo. In the northeast of the country is Ruvubu Park, which was established along the Ruvubu River in 1980. The Ruvubu River valley forms a chain of meanders that are fringed by diverse vegetation.

What other places to visit in Burundi?

Karera Waterfalls

Karera Waterfalls

In the natural protected area of the province of Rutana there are the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, which are characterized by their uniqueness. The highest of them reaches a height of 80 meters. Two streams of water join together and fall down the rocks with a powerful rumble, turning into a small, calm lake. In ancient times, local rulers considered these waterfalls sacred and treated them with special reverence, washing in their waters only before important ceremonies. Near the waterfalls there is also a cave with a font. If you walk along the flow of the water, you will see a stunning tropical nature with a rich variety of birds and trees.

View of Tea plantations in Teza, Muramvya, Burundi

Tea plantations

The northern part of the republic is characterized by a favorable climate and fertile soil, ideal for growing high quality tea. This region is well known all over the world. Not only tea is grown here, but also the dried leaves are packaged in local factories. Burundian tea is so excellent that it is delivered directly from the plantations to the table of the Queen of England. Tours of the plantations are organized for tourists, where they are shown how to pick the leaves and offered to buy the finished product in its original packaging.

green trees and hills

Kibira National Park

The northwest of the country is home to one of the largest natural parks with untouched forests, rushing mountain rivers and rare animals. It is currently home to around 200 species of birds and about 100 species of mammals. Long trails have been created for visitors, starting from tea plantations and passing through dark and mysterious forests where light is almost non-existent. This is a unique opportunity to experience pristine and untouched nature and to hear hundreds of birds singing.

gorge bottom-up view

The German Gorge

It is a unique natural attraction in Burundi that will impress visitors with its beauty and uniqueness. A visit to this place will leave unforgettable impressions. Especially for lovers of active recreation, especially hiking, there are excursion routes and sites for water sports and fishing.

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