Saudi Arabia launches new visa in preparation for World Expo in 2030

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In a bid to simplify access to the much-anticipated World Expo in 2030, Saudi Arabia is preparing to introduce a specialized visa, promising an easy transition from air travel to the exhibition grounds.

World Expos bring countries together to showcase their latest achievements and future ambitions through pavilions. There are 197 countries planning to participate in the Riyadh Expo. For Saudi Arabia as the host country, it is a chance to showcase the country's modernization efforts.

Riyadh Expo 2030 is expected to attract 40 million visitors in six months. This includes both local and international visitors.
The event coincides with a key milestone in realizing Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 - at which point the oil kingdom hopes to become economically diversified and become a major player in global tourism, sports and other modern sectors.

The country has set a goal of attracting 150 million travelers by 2030, bringing together both foreign and domestic visitors to achieve this goal. Tourism executives expect about 70 million international visits in the same year.