New tourist tax in Bali in 2024


From 14 February 2024, the island of Bali in Indonesia will introduce a new measure for holidaymakers - a tourist tax. This decision of the authorities has caused a lively resonance among both the tourist community and local residents, raising a wave of discussions and putting the news in the headlines of world publications.

The tourism tax in Bali is intended to fund projects to protect the environment and preserve national treasures. It is an important step for the sustainable development of tourism on the island, which has faced a number of challenges such as environmental threats and cultural degradation.

Under the new law, every foreign tourist entering the island of Bali is required to pay a tourism fee of 150,000 Indonesian rupiah, which is approximately US$10. This fee can be paid either upon entering the island or in advance through an online service, making the process simpler and more convenient for tourists.

The introduction of this tax has drawn criticism from travel companies and some travellers who see it as an additional financial burden. However, Bali authorities claim that the funds will be used solely for the good of the island, in particular to protect its unique nature and cultural heritage.

Nevertheless, it remains an open question as to how the tax collected will be utilised and how transparent its distribution will be. It is important that these funds are allocated to real environmental and cultural development projects and not to corrupt or inefficient programmes.

Overall, the introduction of this tax in Bali is a step forward towards sustainable tourism development and preserving the beauty and uniqueness of this beautiful island. Despite some initial difficulties and inconveniences associated with this new measure, it may bear fruit in the future, ensuring the long-term protection and prosperity of Bali as a tourist destination.