Cuba introduces e-visa in 2025: what will change for tourists

Aerial view of the cityscape, Cuba

Cuba is preparing to introduce an electronic visa (e-Visa) as early as 2025, replacing the current tourist card system. According to recent media reports, the green and pink tourist cards could disappear by the end of 2024, and tests will be conducted within a year to transition to electronic visa processing in Cuba.

Cuba's e-visa portal has already been open since 2022, and travelers will be able to apply and receive their visa online. This measure is expected to simplify the visa process and reduce waiting times. More information on the application and e-visa process will be made available in the coming months.

Currently, to travel to Cuba, tourists must have a tourist card, which is the equivalent of an entry visa. There are two types of tourist cards: a green card for all travelers except those coming from the United States, and a pink card for travelers from the United States. The tourist card is valid until used and allows the holder to stay in Cuba for up to 90 days, renewable for an additional three months.

The introduction of the e-visa in Cuba promises to simplify and speed up the visa application process for travelers, helping to boost the tourism sector on the island. More information on the application and e-visa process will be provided shortly.