Panoramic landscape view of old temples in Bagan, Myanmar
To make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible, don't forget to get a visa before traveling

Myanmar visa

Myanmar is an amazing Southeast Asian country famous for its golden pagodas, ancient temples and hospitable people. However, foreign travelers should obtain a visa before traveling to Myanmar as it is illegal to enter the country without a visa.

All travelers who are planning a tourist trip to Myanmar and do not have visa-free access to the country should apply for the necessary type of visa in advance.

Visas vary depending on the purpose of travel, the number of entries and days allowed in Myanmar, the list of required documents and the method of visa application.

There are 12 main categories of visas to enter Myanmar: diplomatic, tourist, business, social, religious, transit, official, work, educational, journalist, crew, seminar and research.

Before traveling, the tourist should find out the rules of registration and obtaining a visa of the type that corresponds to the purpose of his tourist trip to Myanmar. This will allow to timely execute all necessary documents and obtain permission to enter the country.

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Citizens of the following countries can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival in Myanmar:

Citizens of all other countries must obtain a tourist visa from the Myanmar Embassy prior to travel.

A number of countries have visa-free travel with Myanmar

Nationals of Brunei

May stay in Myanmar without a visa for up to 14 days when entering or leaving through Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International Airports.

If you plan to stay in Myanmar for more than 14 days or use land border crossings, a visa will be required. It is recommended to check in advance whether a visa is required depending on the purpose and route of travel.

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Types of Visas to Myanmar

Courtesy visa for diplomatic and official visits

For Diplomatic and Official Visits is for persons who are visiting Myanmar for diplomatic purposes. It is issued for the period of the appointment.

Tourist visa

Provides the possibility of temporary stay in the country for vacation. It is valid for 28 days.

Business visa

It can be a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. The validity of a single-entry visa is 70 days, while a multiple-entry visa is valid for 3 months, 6 months or one year.

Social visa

Allows travelers to come to Myanmar to meet friends and relatives. A single-entry visa is valid for 70 days, while a multiple-entry visa can be valid for 3 months, 6 months or one year.

Religious visa

It is intended for persons who are visiting Myanmar for religious activities. It can be a single-entry visa valid for 70 days or a multiple-entry visa for 3/6 months or one year. The visa can be extended beyond the time limit.

Transit visa

Issued for 24 hours for travelers who are passing through Myanmar to another country. A ticket for the next flight is required to obtain the visa.

Official visa

May be obtained by individuals to participate in activities recognized by the UN or the Government of the Union of Myanmar. Official visas can be single entry (70 days) or multiple entry (3 months, 6 months, one year).

Work visa

Provides an opportunity for individuals to be employed in Myanmar for 70 days. A letter of appointment and an invitation from a company in Myanmar are required to obtain the visa.

Educational visa

Mandatory for persons who intend to teach or study in Myanmar. It can be single entry for 3 months or multiple entries for 3/6/12 months.

Journalist visa

It is intended for journalists who travel to Myanmar to work in the media. It is valid for 28 days.

Visa for crew

It is issued to crew members working on a ship or airplane. It can be single-entry for 90 days or multiple-entry for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Visa for workshops/seminars/meetings/studies

To participate in such activities or research. It is valid for 28 days and may be extended. To apply, an invitation from the relevant ministry or organization must be provided.

It is important to note that visa types, requirements and conditions may change over time.

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To apply for a visa to Myanmar, you need to provide the following documents:

Completed visa application form


Valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip and containing a minimum of two free pages for the visa


3.5 x 4.5 cm.

Evidence of financial solvency:

Bank statement for the last three months or proof of sufficient funds for living in the country

Round-trip airplane tickets

Hotel reservation or invitation from relatives/friends

Immunization certificate

(if required)


Confirming the purpose of the trip (hotel reservation, invitation, etc.)

Additional documents may be requested depending on the purpose of travel.

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