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Permit to enter Iran (reference number)

To visit Iran, you must have an official invitation or an active reference number issued by the Iranian Ministry, regardless of the purpose of the visit. It is required to know and indicate it in the visa application. Thus, it is not possible to obtain a visa to Iran without an invitation and an appropriate reference number. The only exception is the transit visa, where it is possible to use the main visa for the final destination as proof of the purpose of travel.

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Invitation to Iran

An invitation to Iran for a tourist visa is issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the request of an accredited travel company. This company will submit a request to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue the invitation. The tourist invitation is accompanied by a special number, which will also appear on your visa.

In the case of business travel, in order to apply for a business visa, you must have a business invitation, which must also be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this case, your partner in Iran will be the contact person for organizing the official invitation.

Other types of travel, such as journalistic activities, require authorization from the relevant ministry in Iran for entry. This authorization is mandatory to obtain a visa.

The invitation letter, also known as a visa support letter, includes the following information:

  • Intent to travel, such as the purpose of the business or tourist trip
  • Period of travel
  • Number of planned visits
  • Location where the stay will take place
  • Information about the applicant and the inviting party

Each approved invitation is assigned an individual reference number, which is necessary for the visa application. The results of the invitation will also be forwarded to the responsible consulate in the applicant's country of residence.

Validity period of invitation and visa

The Iranian Embassy issues a visa for the period specified in the invitation. The maximum period of stay depends on the approved invitation by the competent authorities in Iran. However, the specific period of stay will be determined by the visa officer of the Iranian Embassy when reviewing your visa application and the information provided in the invitation or supporting documents

Reference number validity period

Please note that the reference number, or so-called reference number, has a limited validity period. This number is valid for about 20 days after you receive it. During this period, you must submit your visa application. Once you have received your reference number, you are advised to wait 3 days before submitting your documents to the Iranian embassy or consulate. This is important to keep in mind when planning and applying for a visa to Iran. Be sure to adhere to these deadlines to avoid problems and delays in the visa application process.

Tourist visa with our reference number

We offer our clients the service of issuing a tourist visa to Iran with our reference number. Obtaining an invitation to Iran can be a complicated and time-consuming procedure that requires multiple calls and emails. For the convenience of travelers, we offer a tourist visa invitation service with our reference number. Working with local partners, we obtain your reference number from the Iranian ministry in the shortest possible time. We also help you with the necessary paperwork at the Iranian Embassy and deliver the visa right to your doorstep once your application is approved.

Hotel and invitation on special terms

If you book a hotel stay in Iran through us for three nights or more, we will give you a discounted rate for issuing a reference number for your tourist visa application. Please contact us by phone or send us an email to get more information about Iran visa application procedure. We will be glad to help you and make your travel to Iran even more pleasant and convenient.

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Get professional assistance with visa and travel authorization in Iran

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If you want to apply for a tourist visa on your own but don't know how to get a valid reference number, we can help you. We offer a fast travel invitation, including a reference number that you can include in your application. If you have any questions about Iran visa reference number, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to assist you.

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