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EASE (Electronic Entry Authorization) allows you to reduce the time and avoid the need to visit a consulate. Fill out the EASE application form now and get ready for an unforgettable trip to Cape Verde!

EASE visa Cape Verde

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The Electronic Visa or EASE (Electronic Authorization for Entry) is an electronic authorization system for entry into the country of Cabo Verde. With EASE, tourists and other travelers can issue an electronic authorization to enter Cabo Verde prior to their arrival. This speeds up the passport control process and reduces the time spent at the airport.

Currently, citizens of about 200 countries, such as EU citizens, US citizens and most South American countries are able to visit Cabo Verde without the need for a visa for short stays, depending on their nationality. But for entry by air and for purposes other than transit, online pre-registration through Cape Verde's EASE system is mandatory. Mandatory for all travelers over 2 years of age.

e-Visa to Cabo Verde

The EASE for Cape Verde is an electronic entry permit (e-Visa-style) that must be obtained by all travelers arriving in the country, regardless of their nationality or the need for a visa.

Once obtained, the EASE electronic permit for Cape Verde is linked to the traveler's passport and is valid for single entry into the country only. To obtain this e-permit, travelers must complete an online application form, providing basic personal information and the purpose of travel. Once your application is processed, you will receive an electronic travel authorization in the form of an email. This confirmation must be printed and carried with you when traveling.

When completing the application form, travelers must pay the mandatory Cape Verde Airport Security Tax (TSA) via online payment. Paying the tax online eliminates the need to stand in line at the border and pay additional fees.

If a foreign national leaves Cape Verde before the EASE expires and plans to return immediately after, a new eVisa application will need to be submitted.

It is important to note that all foreign nationals who are not visa exempt must obtain a visa to enter Cape Verde, even if they have been granted an EASE. They can apply for a visa upon arrival in Cape Verde or apply for an embassy or consular visa before traveling to the country.

Before traveling, it is recommended that you check the visa requirements for your country with our visa agency

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Period of stay in the country

Maximum stay of 30, 60 or 90 days depending on nationality

Number of entries



For passengers arriving by air

Visa period

1 year


Tourism, business, medicine, education

Documents, for issuance of electronic travel authorization:

Valid passport

for at least 6 months after departure from Cape Verde

Travel information

flight number

arrival and departure dates

accommodation address in Cape Verde

E-mail address

to send an electronic authorization in PDF format

Credit/debit card

to pay the mandatory airport security tax - TSA

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Frequently asked questions

What is a mandatory airport security tax - TSA?

The Cape Verde Mandatory Airport Security Tax (TSA) is a fee that every passenger must pay when purchasing an airline ticket or checking in for a flight at a Cape Verde airport. This tax is intended to ensure the security of air transportation and to finance measures to protect passengers and airport personnel. The passenger must pay this tax during the online check-in process or at the time of ticket purchase.

Who doesn't need to execute an EASE?

The EASE pre-registration procedure is not mandatory for some categories of passengers. Children under the age of two, Cape Verdean passport holders and their children under the age of 18 are exempt from this requirement. There is also no need to pre-register for passengers of Caboverdean origin, foreign nationals with residency status in Cape Verde, and in special cases such as official travel, flights delayed due to technical or weather problems, or transit passengers.

Through which airports can I enter Cape Verde with an electronic permit?

Electronic visa (pre-registration) is only available for foreign nationals arriving at one of the 4 international airports:

in Boa Vista - Rabila International Airport
in Praia - Nelson Mandela International Airport
in Sala - Amílcar Cabral International Airport
in San Vicente - Cesaria Evora International Airport

Is it possible to extend my stay in Cape Verde on an e-visa?

The possibility of extending the stay in Cape Verde beyond the 90 days that are stipulated by the EASE permit (electronic visa) depends on the nationality and the reason for travel. For information on the rules and procedure of visa extension you should check with our visa agency.

Am I guaranteed entry into the country if I have an EASE?

The decision to enter is made solely by immigration officials at the place of arrival. Even with a paid fee and electronic authorization, you may be refused entry if you do not meet the visa requirements or have other obstacles to entry.

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