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Tourist visa
Are you planning to visit Bangladesh as a tourist? Find out all the requirements to apply for a tourist visa. Make your journey easy and unforgettable!

Tourist visa to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an amazing country rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Today, the government of Bangladesh is actively developing tourism in the country. If you decide to go to Bangladesh on vacation, then first of all you need to take care of getting a tourist visa to this country.

A tourist visa to Bangladesh is a permit required for foreign nationals planning to visit the country as a tourist.

It is not allowed to work in Bangladesh on a tourist visa. If you plan to carry out work activities, you need to apply for a proper work visa.


Number of entries

Single entry visa

Period of stay

Up to 30 days

Expiration date

Up to three months and may be extended for up to one month

Please note that the validity of the visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of travel indicated on the application form. The authorized duration of stay is counted from the day of arrival in the country.

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Does a tourist need a visa to Bangladesh?

Citizens of more than 20 countries can visit Bangladesh without a visa for tourism purposes with a maximum stay of 90 days. A valid passport is sufficient for entry.

List of countries that are allowed to enter without a visa:
Burkina Faso
Papua New Guinea
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sierra Leone

For citizens who are not allowed visa-free entry, a tourist visa is required to travel to Bangladesh. The foreigner can apply at the Bangladesh embassy or apply on arrival at the Bangladesh airport. The maximum stay with a single entry visa on arrival is 30 days, but this can be extended for another 30 days. Citizens of the following countries can obtain visa on arrival at the Bangladesh border: all European Union countries, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Turkey and Brunei. But it is not advisable to rely on this method of obtaining a visa. The visa application procedure can be unpredictable, visa officers may have questions about your documents or the purpose of your trip. It is better to apply for a tourist visa in advance. This will help you avoid possible delays or problems when entering Bangladesh.

After obtaining a visa for Bangladesh, a visa stamp will be placed on one of the pages of your passport. It is advisable to carefully check the information for typos, correctness and relevance. Ensure that the correct details are provided including your name, date of birth, passport number, visa type and expiration date.

The cost of the visa may vary depending on the country of citizenship and the requirements of Bangladesh immigration authorities.

It is important to note, visa regulations and visa policies can change over time, so it is recommended that you check the current requirements for your country before planning your trip to ensure you need a tourist visa.


Our visa agency is ready to help you prepare and submit your Bangladesh tourist visa application to the embassy.

To apply for a tourist visa, you will need to provide the following documents:

Online application form

completed and printed visa application form


valid for six months at the time of application and a photocopy of the photo page


passport-size, made on a white background

Payment of visa fee

visa fee payment receipt

Proof of financial solvency

to cover expenses while in Bangladesh

Copy of round-trip tickets

Booking Confirmation

hotel or a letter of invitation from the host country together with a copy of the passport

Document requirements for Bangladesh visa may vary depending on nationality and the specific requirements of the Bangladesh visa office.

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Submit your tourist visa application today and get ready for an unforgettable trip

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