Expert visa
Expert visa
Bangladesh expert visa allows foreign experts to work in Bangladesh for a fixed period of time and contribute to the development of projects and economy of Bangladesh.

Expert visa to Bangladesh

Bangladesh Expert Visa is a type of visa designed for foreign professionals and experts who are invited to carry out a special project or task in Bangladesh. This visa gives the right to stay and work in the country for a specific period of time.

Expert visas are often issued when specific skills or knowledge are needed that are not sufficient in the local workforce. The visa is issued for various industries, including science, technology, engineering, medicine and other specializations. It allows businesses to bring in foreign experts to participate in projects, develop new technologies or train local employees.

To obtain an expert visa, you must provide proof of specialization and expert skills, as well as an employment agreement with an employer in Bangladesh. Additional documents may also be required, including a business plan, educational or professional certificates.

Because of its specific requirements, the expert visa is one of the less common visa types.

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Apply for an expert visa to Bangladesh

An expert visa to enter Bangladesh is required for citizens of all countries including European Union (EU) countries. To obtain a visa to Bangladesh, you should contact the nearest Bangladeshi embassy or consulate. They will provide information about the requirements and procedure of visa application, as well as help with the application and collection of necessary documents. Our visa agency is also ready to provide you with assistance in visa application to the Bangladesh Embassy. We offer a full package of services including consultation, document verification, application preparation and support at every stage of the visa application process.

It is important to note that visa regulations and visa policies may change over time. Before planning your trip, it is advisable to check the current requirements for your country to see if an expert visa is necessary.

Documents required to apply for an expert visa:

Online application form

completed and printed visa application form


valid for six months at the time of application and a photocopy of the photo page


passport-size, made on a white background

Payment of visa fee

visa fee payment receipt

Invitation from an organization or employer in Bangladesh

confirming the purpose and duration of the expert's stay

Supporting documents

the expert's specialization and professional status

Documents on the conduct of the project

or consultancy services in Bangladesh

Visa requirements and the list of required documents for an expert visa to Bangladesh may change over time.

We help you to successfully apply for an expert visa to Bangladesh.

Our visa agency is ready to offer our assistance in preparing and applying for an expert visa to Bangladesh. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to collect the required documents, help you fill out all mandatory forms, and accompany you at every stage of the visa application process. We are well aware of the requirements and procedures involved in obtaining an expert visa. We are ready to provide professional support to ensure the successful processing of your Bangladesh visa.

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