Business visa
Business visa
Explore the requirements and process for obtaining a business visa to Algeria. Expert tips and insights for a successful application

Business visa to Algeria

A business visa to Algeria is intended for citizens planning to travel for the purpose of conducting business activities such as meetings, conferences, trainings, audits, installation of equipment or services. The validity of this visa is determined by the issuing authorities.

To apply for a business visa, a citizen must meet the eligibility criteria, in particular, have citizenship of a country that maintains diplomatic relations with Algeria, a valid passport. It is also necessary to provide an invitation from the host company, indicating the purpose and duration of stay, proof of financial solvency and a return ticket.

Once the visa has been obtained, the citizen must present it together with the passport at the border control point for final clearance when entering Algeria. If approved, entry will be authorized for the duration of the visa to carry out the declared business activities.

Important: the visa does not authorize permanent residence or employment outside the declared business area. Upon expiry of the term, departure from Algeria is required.

If you have any additional questions about obtaining an Algerian visa, please contact our company at any time by phone or via the feedback form. We will promptly answer and provide detailed advice on all aspects of visa processing from start to finish. We will be glad to help you to collect the necessary package of documents and solve any problem situations.

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Algeria Business Visa:

Purpose of travel

Business activities (meetings, trainings, provision of services, etc.)

Expiration date

Up to 90 days from the date of issue

Processing time

10-20 business days


Period of stay 30 days


90-day stay

Document Requirements:

Original passport

valid for at least 6 monthsдействительный минимум 6 месяцев

valid for at least 6 months

3 color photos

passport format

Completed visa application form

in 3 copies

Copy of airline tickets

round trip

Additional requirements for a business visa:

  • Invitation from a company in Algeria, letter of invitation certified by the local town hall known as Assemblée Populaire Communale (APC), sponsorship letter from a local company (if available), hotel booking confirmation, bank statement and travel medical insurance.
  • Sponsorship letter from an Algerian company (if available)
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation
  • Bank statement
  • Travel insurance

Thus, to obtain a business visa to Algeria, in addition to the standard set of documents, additional confirmation of the purpose of travel and availability of funds in the host country is required. This should be taken into account in advance when preparing for visa application.

If you have an invitation and are planning a business trip, apply for a visa quickly and conveniently through us. We will provide you with an online application process, avoiding mistakes in documents, long queues and problems with language barriers. We will take care of your business visa in Algeria while you prepare for your business trip and important business meetings.

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How to apply for a business visa to Algeria

To apply for a business visa to Algeria, a citizen can choose two options: visiting the nearest Algerian embassy or consulate in their country or applying online through an accredited visa agency.

To use our services, simply fill out the online application form on our website and we will contact you. If you have any questions about obtaining a visa to Algeria, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit to the Algerian embassy or consulate:
  • Prepare the necessary documents, including your passport and a completed visa application form.
  • Visit the nearest Algerian embassy or consulate. (We are ready to provide you with assistance and advice in obtaining a visa)
  • Apply for a visa and provide the required documentation.
  • Embassy staff will review your application and verify your documents.

The processing of your application may be delayed if prior approval from the Algerian authorities is required. It is important to note that the embassy reserves the right to request additional documents from applicants. If you choose to apply through a courier service, be sure to include the date of entry on the application form and fill in all fields correctly. This is important to ensure that your application is processed correctly.

Online processing through a visa agency:

As an accredited visa agency, we are happy to assist you with your visa application. Our service includes the following services:

  • Free consultation
  • Filling out online visa applications
  • Applying to state authorities (if necessary)
  • Visa delivery by email or by post

This will save you time and give you time to prepare for other trips in peace of mind

Questions on business (business) visa to Algeria:

What is a business visa to Algeria?

This is a visa intended for entry into Algeria for the purpose of various business activities - meetings, conferences, trainings, audits, services, etc.

How long is the validity of a business visa to Algeria?

The validity period is determined by the consular office that issued the visa. It is usually up to 90 days.

What documents do I need to apply for a business visa to Algeria?

Standard package of documents + invitation from the Algerian company, confirmation of hotel reservation, financial guarantees, insurance.

Can I extend my business visa to Algeria?

No, there is no provision for on-the-spot extensions. A visa of the required duration must be requested in advance.

Is it allowed to work in Algeria on a business visa?

No, a business visa does not authorize employment, only business/business activities.

Where to apply for a business visa to Algeria?

At the Algerian consular office in your country of residence.

Can I enter Algeria on a business visa through any border crossing point?

No, entry on a business visa is only possible through Algeria's international airports.

Is an invitation required for a business visa to Algeria?

Yes, an official invitation from the host country in Algeria is a prerequisite.

Is it possible to engage in tourism activities on a business visa to Algeria?

No, this type of visa allows only business activities in accordance with the declared purposes. Tourism is not allowed under this visa.

What is the maximum time I can stay in Algeria on a business visa?

The maximum continuous stay is 90 days.

Can I bring my family with me on a business visa?

Yes, subject to separate business visas for family members.

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