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Visa to Algeria

Algeria is a large country in North Africa with a rich history and culture. To enter Algeria, citizens of most countries need to obtain a visa in advance. The visa regime of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria regulates the conditions of entry into the country for foreign citizens. Most travelers need to obtain a visa at the embassy or consulate of Algeria.

Currently, visa-free regime applies to citizens of 7 African countries for up to 90 days. Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter Algeria, even in transit. Other foreign citizens need a visa regardless of the purpose of travel - tourism, work, study, transit. The visa is issued only in the form of a paper sticker in the passport. The validity period depends on the type of visa.

According to the official rules, citizens of 235 countries are obliged to obtain a tourist visa regardless of the period of stay in the country. This requires personal appearance at the consulate, interview and submission of supporting documents. Due to the long processing time (up to several weeks), it is recommended to submit documents in advance by making an appointment at the consular office.

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Do I need a visa to Algeria?

Citizens of the following countries are exempt from obtaining an Algerian visa when traveling for tourist or business purposes for up to 90 days:
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Holders of diplomatic and service passports of the following countries are also exempt from obtaining an Algerian visa:
African Union
South Africa
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
Viet Nam

Types of visas:

Tourist visa
  • Confirmation of hotel reservation
  • Or an invitation from an Algerian tour operator
  • Return ticket
  • If visiting the south of the country - detailed itinerary and invitation from the tour operator
Family visit visa
  • Certificate of residence from the host country
  • Copy of the Algerian spouse's registration with the embassy
  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • For children, a separate passport or an inscription in the parent's passport
Short-term business visa
  • Invitation from an Algerian company
  • Letter from your company
Temporary work visa
  • Work permit for up to 90 days
  • Repatriation liability certificate from employer
Work visa
  • Work permit
  • Certificate from the employer on repatriation at the end of the contract
Cultural visa
  • Invitation to the event from the organizers
Diplomatic visa
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Letter from the embassy about the purpose and timeframe
Student visa
  • Confirmation of enrollment
  • Proof of tuition
  • Proof of financial security
Medical visa
  • Invitation from the health care provider
  • Proof of payment
Visa for journalists
  • Copy of passport and other documents
  • Request from employer
  • Detailed media plan
Official (business) visa
  • Official passport
  • Letter of official purpose of travel
Transit visa
  • Documents to enter the country of destination
  • Ticket to the country of destination

According to the number of entries allowed, visas in Algeria are categorized into the following types:

Single-entry visas:

Allow you to enter the country only once during the validity of the visa.

After leaving Algeria, re-entry on this visa is not possible.

Multiple entry visas:

Grant the right to an unlimited number of entries into the country during the validity period of the visa.

The main condition is that the total number of days of stay in Algeria must not exceed the period for which the visa is issued.

This means that it is possible to leave and re-enter, but the total time spent in the country must correspond to the period specified in the visa.

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Basic document requirements for obtaining a visa to Algeria:


with a minimum validity period of 6 months

Passport photocopy

Completed visa application form

(in triplicate)

Three color photographs

passport-sized stickers on visa forms


round-trip airline reservations


invitation from Algeria


visa fee payment


operations and financial health

Which countries are required to have travel insurance to enter Algeria:

Travel insurance is compulsory for citizens of the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

The day of insurance is the first day of visa validity.


What documents will I need to obtain a visa to Algeria?

You will usually need a passport with at least three blank pages, an application form, photographs, a hotel reservation or letter of invitation from an Algerian guest, supporting financial documents, health insurance and proof of ticket booking.

What is the validity period of a visa in Algeria?

Usually, a visa in Algeria has a validity period of 30 to 90 days. However, the duration may vary depending on the purpose of travel and the type of visa.

How long does it take to get a visa in Algeria?

The processing time for visa applications can vary, but usually takes from a few days to a few weeks. It is recommended to apply for a visa in advance.

Can I work with a visa in Algeria?

If you have a tourist visa or visitor visa, it is not allowed to work in Algeria. However, if you plan to work in Algeria, you must obtain the appropriate work visa.

Can I visit other countries from Algeria with my visa?

The possibility of visiting other countries with an Algerian visa depends on your nationality and the rules of each individual country. It is advisable to check the travel requirements for other countries you plan to travel to after Algeria.

What documents do I need to provide when entering Algeria?

When entering Algeria, you may need a passport, visa, tourist card (usually issued on the plane or at the border), hotel reservation and return flight tickets. Additional documents such as a letter of invitation or proof of funds may also be required.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Algeria?

No, a visa on arrival is not available. All necessary documents must be obtained in advance

What is the price of a visa in Algeria?

The cost of an Algerian visa can vary depending on the type of visa and the nationality of the applicant.

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