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Visa to Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world with its rich historical and cultural sights, beautiful landscapes and the spirit of hospitality of its inhabitants. However, before traveling to this country, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the visa policy of Turkmenistan.

Currently, citizens of most countries require a visa to enter Turkmenistan. To obtain a visa, tourists must apply to the Embassy of Turkmenistan or consulate in their country and submit an application with documents that correspond to the type of visa needed. But before applying for a visa, citizens may need a preliminary invitation (LOI) from the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. Obtaining this invitation is an important step in the issuance of all visas to the country, except for transit visas. The sponsor may be:

  • Turkmenistan accredited travel agency: if your trip to Turkmenistan is planned as a tourist.
  • An individual residing in Turkmenistan: if you are applying for a family or private visa.
  • Turkmen organization or company: if your trip is for business or work purposes.
  • Educational institution: if you require a student visa.

It should also be noted that citizens of some countries may be eligible for a visa on arrival at Ashgabat airport or at one of the land borders if you have a letter of invitation issued by the Migration Service of Turkmenistan. Visa on arrival is valid for a maximum of 10 days. But having an LOI does not guarantee a visa on arrival. It is always recommended to get visa in advance.

Our visa agency is ready to assist you in applying for a tourist, private or business visa to Turkmenistan. In case you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us for information and support.

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Do I need a visa to Turkmenistan?

Every foreign citizen planning a trip to Turkmenistan must have an appropriate visa depending on his or her goals and plans. The validity of the visa and the period of stay in the country may vary from 10 days to one year.

Types of visas to Turkmenistan

Tourist visa
Tourist visa

Tourist visa is intended for persons visiting Turkmenistan for tourist purposes.

Business visa
Business visa

A business visa is granted to members of the business community who need to visit Turkmenistan to conduct business or establish business contacts.

Private visa
Private visa

A private visa is issued to persons who are visiting Turkmenistan to visit relatives or friends.

Work visa
Work visa

The work visa is intended for foreign nationals invited by employers to Turkmenistan to carry out labor activities.

Family visa
Family visa

A family visa is issued to persons who marry citizens of Turkmenistan. This type of visa may provide an opportunity for permanent residence in Turkmenistan.

Student visa
Student visa

Student visa is issued to foreign students who have enrolled in educational institutions of Turkmenistan. It grants the right to reside in the country during the study period.

Transit visa
Transit visa

Transit visa is intended for persons traveling through Turkmenistan on their way to another country without stopping for a long period of time. The visa validity period is from 3 to 7 days.

Documents required to apply for a visa to Turkmenistan


valid for at least six months

Visa application

Recent photo

passport size

Proof of residence

hotel or accommodation reservation during the stay in Turkmenistan

Invitation letter from the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan

Confirmation of financial resources available to cover costs

Bank statements, cash, etc.

Payment of visa fee

Visa requirements and additional documents may vary depending on the applicant's nationality and visa type

Visa registration in Turkmenistan

After entering Turkmenistan, it is necessary to pay attention to an important aspect - registration with the Migration Police (OVIR). It is important to complete this procedure within three working days (not counting the day you enter the country). However, if your trip has been organized by a travel agency, they will take responsibility for this formality and carry out the registration on your behalf. By registering with the Migration Police, you will protect yourself from possible legal problems and will be able to enjoy your travel in Turkmenistan without unnecessary worries.

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