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Whether a tourist needs a visa to the Philippines

A tourist visa is a document issued to foreign nationals for short-term entry into a country for tourism purposes.

To enter the Philippines for tourism purposes, citizens of most countries need to apply for a tourist visa in advance at an embassy or consulate. The cost of a tourist visa to the Philippines varies depending on the length of validity, but usually ranges from a few dozen to a hundred dollars.

In some cases, a tourist visa can be obtained upon arrival at an international airport, but it is better to apply for it in advance to avoid delays in entry.

A tourist visa entitles you to stay in the country for up to 30 days. It can be used not only for vacation, but also for:

  • short-term business trips of up to 30 days;
  • visiting medical institutions for consultations and treatment;
  • participation in sports, cultural and religious events;
  • visiting relatives and friends.

It is important to remember that it is prohibited to work on a tourist visa in the Philippines. A work visa is required for employment.

If you have any additional questions about issuing a tourist visa to the Philippines, please contact our company at any time by phone or via the feedback form on the website. We will promptly answer all your questions and provide detailed advice on all stages of obtaining a visa from start to finish.

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Tourist visa

Short-term tourist visa
  • Validity period : up to 30 days
  • Number of entries: one
  • Period of stay: up to 30 days
  • Extension: possible up to 59 days
  • Suitable for: tourists planning a single trip
  • Visa processing time: 2-10 working days
Multiple entry tourist visa
  • Validity period : up to 6 months
  • Number of entries : multiple entries
  • Period of stay: up to 30 days
  • Extension: possible up to 59 days per entry
  • Suitable for: Frequent travelers to the Philippines
  • Visa processing time: 2-10 working days

Requirements for a tourist visa to the Philippines:


valid for at least 6 months


color, passport size

Transportation tickets,

reserved return ticket


fundraising documents

Registration Fee,

proof of payment


hotel reservation confirmation

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Cost of a tourist visa:

When applying for a visa to the Philippines, it is important to consider various costs. These include consular fees that are charged by the Philippine embassy or consulate, as well as shipping costs if you prefer to receive your visa by mail. Consular fees for a tourist visa depend on its type and length of stay, and they are charged on a non-refundable basis. It is worth noting that the cost of a visa to the Philippines can vary depending on its type, duration of stay, as well as the additional services selected. For more information on visa costs, it is recommended to contact our visa agency. Rely on our years of experience in processing visa requests and choose us as a reliable partner when applying for a tourist visa to the Philippines.

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