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Does a tourist need a visa to Niger?

Niger tourist visa is designed specifically for individuals planning to visit this place for tourist purposes. Undoubtedly, the country's tourist attractions include the ancient city of Agadez, the impressive Aire Mountains, the Sahara Mountains and the river with the same name. There are also natural reserves in the republic, for example, the National Park W and the Kure Reserve, where visitors can observe wild animals in their natural habitat. It should be noted that the process of issuing a tourist visa to Niger requires compliance with all statutory conditions.

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Documents required to obtain a visa to Niger:

Original passport, which must remain valid for at least six months after entry into Niger

Proof of vaccination against yellow fever at least ten days before the expected date of travel to Niger

Two copies of your photo

Confirmed airline ticket reservation indicating round trip itinerary

Documents confirming where you are staying, such as hotel reservations and other accommodation details

Payment of consular fee

A travel itinerary appropriate to the purpose of your visit to Niger

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