Top 10 cities that will increase the share of spending by foreign tourists by 2032

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According to Statista and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Hong Kong is the city with the greatest potential for growth in expenditure by international tourists. This data is based on calculations made for 82 major tourist cities, as well as estimates of tourism-related GDP and employment. Foreign tourist spending in Hong Kong is projected to increase by 32 percent, making it the top Asian destination.

The second destination where international tourism spending is expected to increase is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, with a projected 24 percent growth.

Data for 2022 shows that the share of spending by local tourists in Indonesia is: accommodation (25.3 percent), transportation (20.9 percent), food and beverage (17.7 percent) and shopping (8.3 percent). The average living expenses per year is 614.12 thousand Indonesian rupiah, as indicated by 42,398 respondents.

The big news for Japan is that the city of Osaka ranks fourth in international spending increase of 23 percent, as does the capital Tokyo, which ranks fourth among destinations where international travelers' spending is expected to increase by 23 percent over the next decade. In 2021, spending by international travelers accounted for just one percent of the country's tourism GDP. In 2019, spending by international travelers in Japan was the highest at 19 percent and is expected to increase by another four percent by 2032.

Argentina's capital Buenos Aires ranks fifth, with international spending growing 20 percent between 2022 and 2032. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is also growing at a similar rate of 20 percent, as evidenced by the ambition to return to 2018 tourism figures.

Jeddah, a city in Saudi Arabia, is popular for religious tourism, especially among Muslims, and international spending is expected to increase by 18 percent. Ho Chi Minh City, a city in Vietnam, ranks seventh with a statistically expected increase of 17 percent, followed by Bangkok, Thailand, with a 16 percent increase, as does Lagos, Nigeria, which ranks tenth overall.