Thailand resumes steps to introduce a single visa to visit ASEAN countries


Thailand is again taking bold steps to introduce a single visa to visit some countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The proposal aims to simplify the visa process for those travelling in the region and promises to boost the tourism industry not only in Thailand but also in neighbouring countries. The project, dubbed the "single visa", will simplify procedures and significantly reduce bureaucratic barriers for travellers.

The idea of a single visa has long been discussed within ASEAN, which includes Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. However, the initiative has so far remained only at the level of discussion due to differences in immigration policies among the association's members. Now Thailand intends to actively promote the idea, seeking the support of its neighbours and an agreement that will make tourist travel in the region easier and more convenient.

The introduction of a single visa will bring significant benefits to all members. Tourist flows in the region will increase, boosting the economies of each country. In addition, travellers will find it easier and faster to plan their trips without spending a lot of time and money on different visas.

In the coming months, Thailand is expected to actively seek the support of neighbouring countries for a single visa agreement. This move could set an important precedent for promoting closer cooperation in the region and creating a favourable environment for tourism in ASEAN countries.