Thailand plans to issue visas to foreigners who want to learn the martial art of Thai boxing


The Thai government is introducing a new initiative aimed at attracting foreigners interested in learning the traditional martial art of Thai boxing, also known as Muay Thai. Under the plan, foreigners will be granted a special visa that will allow them to delve deeply into the unique world of this ancient art.

This new non-immigrant educational visa will have additional advantages over a tourist visa. Instead of the standard 60 days granted by a tourist visa, Muay Thai education visa holders will be allowed to stay in the country for up to 90 days. This extended stay provides a unique opportunity for foreign martial arts enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the techniques and culture of Thai boxing.

Sretta Thavisin, Thailand's Prime Minister, has expressed support for the initiative, considering Muay Thai an important element of the country's "soft power". The government plans to actively promote the sport to foreigners through a specialised website that will provide detailed information on training and courses across the country.

One important step is to set standards for the level of training and accreditation of Thai boxing teachers. This will ensure that the unique martial art and its rich cultural history are widely disseminated.

The new visa offers foreigners the opportunity not only to improve their Thai boxing skills, but also to delve deeper into the traditions, history and values of this fascinating aspect of Thai culture.