South Korea offers a new visa program for digital nomads

An old guard tower in South Korea.

South Korea plans to introduce a new visa category for foreign nationals - work visa for "workation" from January 1, 2024. This measure is aimed at attracting skilled professionals who wish to work in the country on a long-term basis. Working leave or "workation", allows you to work while traveling or business trips. Recently, several countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Central and South America have also started issuing visas for digital nomads to meet the needs of the modern workflow.

The new work visa offering makes it much easier to work and travel in Korea for extended periods of time, and creates new prospects for the country's business and economy. The new work visa will allow citizens to stay in the country for up to one year and extend it for another year. This visa will be available to individuals who have been employed by foreign companies in the same industry for more than a year. Family members of these applicants will also be able to obtain a work visa, except for children over the age of 18. The visa requires an income of twice the gross national income of Korea for the previous year. It also requires the purchase of personal health insurance and evacuation insurance worth more than 100 million won.

It is important to remember that before applying for a new work visa, it is prohibited to work for local companies or engage in commercial activities without the appropriate work visa. Visa applications can be submitted at Korean embassies abroad. Foreigners temporarily staying in the country can change their visas to work visas if they meet the requirements.

South Korea is taking important measures to attract and retain foreign workers. The new working vacation visa program opens up new opportunities to work and travel in the country.