South Korea has introduced a digital nomad visa

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea will become the most recent country to introduce a digital nomad visa, allowing foreigners to live in the country and work remotely. The government will begin issuing the so-called "working holiday" visa on January 1, 2024. South Korea's digital nomad visa will allow foreigners to work remotely in the country for two years. Moreover, the visa will also allow to bring family members with them to South Korea.

The country decided to launch the new visa for digital nomads to make it more comfortable for foreigners to work remotely and rest in South Korea, the Ministry of Justice said in a comment on the initiative. Until now, foreigners working remotely from South Korea had to obtain a tourist visa or not stay in the country for more than 90 days. However, with the introduction of the new visa, such citizens will now be able to stay in South Korea for longer periods of time.

This digital nomad visa will let foreigners work remotely from South Korea for a foreign company for a year. After one year, it will be possible to apply for a one-year extension. To be able to apply for this visa, recipients must be over the age of 18 and have been working in their current area of expertise for at least one year. In addition, to be eligible for the visa, the recipient must prove that their annual income is around $65,860. It will also be necessary to prove that they have no criminal record and take a certificate from their place of employment. In addition, health insurance for the duration of the trip will also be required.

As for foreigners that are already in the country with a short-term visa, they will be eligible to apply for a digital nomad visa if they meet all the requirements. However, this visa won't allow them to get a job in South Korea. In order to work in the country, a work visa is required. At first, this visa system will be tested and then the authorities will decide on the permanent implementation of the digital nomad visa.