Short-term work visas to England

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The British government is considering a short-term visa program to help attract foreign workers to the country without affecting population figures and to cope with labor shortages in the hospitality industry. According to The Times, the Home Office has begun talks with some European Union countries to expand the youth migration program while keeping net migration figures stable after record levels of migration last year. The specific proposals would allow young people aged between 18 and 30 to work in the UK for up to two years without the need for employer sponsorship, as well as exempting them from the skills and salary requirements of the current route for skilled workers. This means employers will be able to use the program to fill simple positions in their business.

Who can get a visa to England for work

The decision, if approved, will help the UK hotel industry, which has been hit hard by Brexit, the pandemic and is not in the best economic situation. The hospitality sector has been one of the preferred areas for EU workers, but new immigration rules after Brexit have affected people's desire to fill certain jobs such as waiters, baristas and maids. The number of vacancies in this sector has fallen over the last year, although the sector continues to struggle with staff shortages. Trade union UKHospitality estimates that vacancies in the hospitality industry are 48 percent above pre-pandemic levels.

Expansion of short-term visa program to the UK

“Anything that can help us with the recruitment of the staff we need to get our businesses fully up and running again is welcome and will make such a difference. We would also like the visa scheme to go beyond the EU, extend to the likes of India, and extend the roles it would apply to where we are currently experiencing shortages,”  said Raphael Herzog, chairman of the Bristol Hotel Association (BHA).

He also noted that current offerings cover positions such as baristas and waiters, but cooks, maids and other specialties are expected to be added to the list. Currently, licensed sponsors are able to hire workers in the hospitality industry for a limited number of suitable positions such as hotel and inn managers and owners, restaurant and catering managers and owners, hosts and managers of licensed establishments, chefs and catering and bar managers.

On the other hand, British workers in other countries such as Switzerland hold some of the most senior positions in the country, with 44.3 percent of workers of this nationality holding higher skilled positions.

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