The governments of Ghana and South Africa recently reached an agreement to mutually waive visas

South Africa

The governments of Ghana and South Africa recently reached an agreement to mutually waive visas, allowing citizens of both countries to freely enter each other's territory without the need for a visa. An Oct. 13 post from Ghana's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration on social media X indicates that the agreement is expected to take effect on Nov. 1, 2023. According to the ministry's announcement, travelers will be able to transit through, exit and stay in both countries together for up to 90 days, without the ability to take up employment.

South Africa has been gradually easing visa restrictions for African countries, removing requirements for travelers to show proof of sufficient funds and return airline tickets.

In January this year, an agreement came into effect allowing Kenyan citizens to visit South Africa without a visa for 90 days within a year.

Both countries are actively working to remove trade barriers that hinder economic cooperation. South African citizens are eligible for visa-free entry to Kenya, while Kenyan citizens must pay for a visa and provide proof of sufficient funds and return airfare.

The simplification of visa rules is expected to help increase the number of travelers between South Africa and Ghana. South African Airways (SAA), which connects the two countries, offers scheduled flights between Johannesburg and Accra three times a week. Flights are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, providing convenient travel planning options for travelers.

SAA Interim Executive Director, Prof. John Lamola, who also serves as Vice Chairman of the Airline Association of South Africa (AASA), expressed his delight at this significant development. He emphasized that such a development was important in strengthening the interconnectedness between African countries and boosting tourism and trade across the continent.

According to Professor Lamola, the promotion of free movement across Africa is in line with the overall efforts supported by AASA and other industry organizations. The move, as Lamola notes, is a crucial step towards fostering unity and prosperity across the African continent, ushering in a new era of travel, trade and cultural interaction.

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