The International Air Transport Association introduced a new document verification system

Queues at the airport

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has unveiled an innovative document verification system that aims to facilitate contactless travel and improve passenger experience. The entire document verification process will now be fully automated, providing personalized instructions for each passenger. To achieve this goal, the Timatic product has been completely redesigned and upgraded to Timatic AutoCheck. According to IATA, the improved system sets new compliance standards for travel by offering a user-friendly interface for accurate immigration information, which is beneficial for travelers and industry professionals alike.

Passenger traffic is projected to double by 2040. Therefore, special attention is being paid to the need to continuously optimize and improve procedures at airports. One of the most time-consuming tasks is the verification of passengers' travel documents, the automation of which will be of great importance. In addition, the new Timatic AutoCheck features will also play an important role in supporting the industry in the transition to contactless travel. A recent IATA survey found that 87 percent of travelers are willing to share their immigration information to speed up the airport arrival process. This represents an increase from 2022, when the figure was 83 percent. The survey also showed that when visas are required, 66 percent of travelers prefer to get them online before traveling, 20 percent prefer to get them when visiting a consulate or embassy, and 14 percent prefer to get them at the airport.

Several companies such as Amadeus, Hitit and Sabre, as well as various airlines and Star Alliance, are already working with IATA on the transition to the new Timatic AutoCheck system. Last month, Frankfurt became the first airport in Europe to provide all its passengers with a completely contactless travel experience, using facial biometrics for identification throughout the entire process from check-in to boarding.