EU intends to raise Schengen visa fees

Schengen visa

The cost of a Schengen visa for visiting European Union countries may increase by 12.5 per cent in the near future. According to a draft regulation published on the European Commission's portal, the possibility of increasing the cost of a Schengen visa is being considered.

The proposed draft reform would increase the current cost of a Schengen visa by 12.5 per cent, making it rise in price from €80 to €90 for adults and from €40 to €45 for children.

The fee reform is open for public consultation until 1 March 2024, and all European citizens can express their views on the possible increase in the cost of a Schengen visa. It is also planned that external service providers processing Schengen visa applications will be able to change their prices upwards to €45 instead of the current €40.

The vast majority of EU countries have already approved the proposal to increase the cost of the Schengen visa. The idea was discussed by experts from Schengen member states, and at a meeting last December they supported the revision of the tax.

Travellers planning a trip to Europe in the coming years should consider these changes. In addition, the EU will introduce the ETIAS electronic travel authorisation for travellers from around 60 visa-free Schengen countries in mid-2025. Thus, visa procedures for travelling to Europe are expected to change and improve in the near future.