Private visa
Private visa
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Private visa to Mali

A private visa to the Republic of Mali is usually issued for foreign nationals who plan to visit the country for tourism, visiting friends or relatives, study or other non-commercial activities.

The validity period of a private visa and the requirements for obtaining it may change, so a citizen should check in advance the latest information on the official website of the Mali Consulate or at the consular office of Mali in their country.

For convenience and efficiency of documents processing you can use the services of visa centers. Our company provides professional assistance in submitting and accompanying documents for a private visa to Mali from the beginning of the process to the receipt of the visa.

By contacting us, you will be able to obtain a visa in the shortest possible time and safely plan your trip to Mali.

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Apply for visa

Apply for a private visa to Mali

Processing time

From 5 to 10 working days

Visa validity period

Up to 30 days

Extension option

No, it's not renewable

Requirements for obtaining a private visa to Mali:


valid for at least 6 months after travel


on a visa

Two photos

passport size with a white background

Hotel reservation or invitation

from the host country with the provision of accommodation


round trip


sufficient funds

Health insurance

for the duration of the trip

Vaccination certificate

against yellow fever

Don't waste your time studying the requirements and collecting documents for a private visa on your own. Entrust it to professionals!

Our agency has extensive experience in issuing visas for travel to Mali. We know all the subtleties and nuances of this process.

Just leave an application on our website, and we will prepare for you a full package of documents necessary for obtaining a visa. You will only have to receive the finished papers. Contact our agency for professional visa support.

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