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Jordan e-Visa is a visa that allows foreign nationals to travel around the country without restrictions

Electronic visa to Jordan

Jordan e-Visa (electronic visa for Jordan) is an online visa application system that was introduced in March 2023 by the Jordanian government to make the visa application process simple and fast. It allows a foreign national to obtain a visa before traveling to the country without having to visit an embassy or consulate. Jordan e-Visa covers tourist, business and other non-immigration purposes. This visa process simplifies and speeds up the visa application process as it is done completely online. Once the application is submitted, the visa fee is paid, and the visa is approved, the foreign national receives an eVisa that must be presented upon entry into Jordan. The Jordan e-Visa typically allows entry once and a stay of up to 30 days, with the option to extend the stay while in Jordan. However, it is important to note that Jordan e-Visa requirements and conditions are subject to change.

Jordan's visa policy allows almost all countries to issue an e-Visa. But the list of countries whose citizens can obtain a visa is subject to change without prior notification by the Jordanian side. Before traveling, we recommend you to contact us for up-to-date information. We will advise you in detail on how to obtain an e-Visa and what documents you will need.

e-Visa to Jordan

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In order to apply for a visa and enter Jordan, you need to fill in the application form, pay the fee and wait for the confirmation. After that you will receive the visa application form by e-mail in PDF format. Don't forget to print it out as you will need it when you arrive in the country.

There are several types of Jordanian e-Visa, depending on which one is charged. Foreign nationals must meet all the requirements to obtain a visa and cross the Jordanian border.

In order for your visa to be approved in time, you must apply for a Jordan e-Visa at least 5 business days before your planned trip to Jordan.

Online application for a Jordanian visa

To apply for a Jordan e-Visa (electronic visa to Jordan), you need to read the rules and fill out the online visa application form. You will need to provide a number of personal details (scans of documents such as passport, photos), booking confirmation and other documents specified in the requirements. Pay the visa fee. You can use PayPal, credit/debit card or other online forms of payment to pay. You can check the current visa fee cost with us by leaving an application form.

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To apply for an e-Visa to Jordan, applicants need to provide:


Payment of visa fee

Depending on the type of visa selected, the package of documents may change.

Copies of documents should be in color and clearly show all data.

After submitting the application and paying the fee, wait for the visa to be approved. This usually takes a few working days, but processing times may vary.

By entrusting us with your visa processing, we will take care of all the steps for you. If your visa is approved, we will send an electronic Jordan visa in PDF format to the email address you provided. You will only need to print a copy of the visa to present when you enter the country.

Documents required upon arrival

Upon arrival in Jordan, the traveler will be asked to present two documents:

  • A valid passport (which must not expire within 6 months from the date of travel)
  • A hard copy of the electronic visa for Jordan
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Jordanian e-Visa validity period

Single entry visa

Allows you to enter Jordan only once during a specified period. Usually valid for 2 months to 3 months

Multiple entry visa for 6 months

Allows multiple entries into Jordan within 6 months of visa issuance

Multiple entry visa for 1 year

Allows multiple entries into Jordan within 1 year of visa issuance

Multiple entry visa for 5 years

Allows multiple entries into Jordan within 5 years from the date of visa issuance

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