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Transit visa
Discover the essential steps and tips for obtaining a transit visa to Egypt, your gateway to exciting travel adventures

Transit visa for Egypt

The Egypt Transit Visa allows foreign visitors to travel through the country for a limited period of time before transferring to a plane to their final destination. This visa is mandatory if you are entering or leaving Egypt by land. Tourists from Europe have the option of obtaining visas on arrival, provided they have all the necessary documents. However, it is faster and more convenient to apply for a visa in advance. Professionals of our visa center will help you get a transit visa in the shortest possible time. As an accredited visa agency, we are ready to undertake this task. You will be able to prepare for your trip in peace.

Do I need a transit visa to Egypt?

Citizens of visa-free countries do not need a visa to transit to Egypt.

Travelers can spend limited time in Egypt without a visa between flights. Passengers in transit at Cairo Airport can take advantage of various amenities such as restaurants, stores, banks and business centers.

If the duration of your transit is less than six hours, you will not need an Egypt transit visa, but you will not be allowed to leave the airport.

If your transit time is between 6 and 48 hours, you can leave the airport and visit the surrounding areas. You must present a valid passport and proof of your onward travel. Exceptions are citizens of Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine and the Philippines, who must remain in the transit area of the airport.

If the duration of your transit exceeds 48 hours, you must apply for the appropriate visa.

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Difficult to figure it out on your own? We will help you issue transit visa to Egypt in the shortest possible time at a low price.

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What are the different types of transit visas?

Number of entries

single or multiple

Validity period

single-entry - within 30 days from the date of issue

multiple - within 90 days from the date of issue

Period of stay

up to 48 hours

If you are connecting to Egypt and on the return route - you need a multiple entry transit visa.

What documents are required to apply for a transit visa:

Application for a visa to Egypt

Two photos

Passport size (2 x 2 inches)

Travel passport

valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Egypt and with at least two blank pages

Confirmation of onward flight

Proof of residence in Egypt

Invitation letter

from the company that is hosting you (in case of business travel)

Proof of payment of visa fee

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Difficult to figure it out on your own? We will help you issue transit visa to Egypt in the shortest possible time at a low price.

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