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Visa for Congo

If you want to visit Congo, you need to know all about Congo's visa policy. The visa policy determines which countries have visa-free entry to the Republic of Congo, and which countries need to apply for a visa in advance.

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Difficult to figure it out on your own? Apply for a visa to Congo with us quickly and inexpensively!

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Do I need a visa to Congo?

Citizens of 5 African countries do not require a visa to enter the Republic of Congo. However, these travelers will need a biometric passport for a hassle-free entry. Visa-free entry provides for a maximum stay of 90 days in the Republic of Congo.

Central African Republic
Equatorial Guinea

Visa on arrival in the Republic of Congo

The second group of countries has the advantage of obtaining a visa on arrival. In other words, you only need to present a valid passport and the Congolese Government will grant a visa on arrival.

Burkina Faso
Côte d'Ivoire
United Arab Emirates
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Difficult to figure it out on your own? Apply for a visa to Congo with us quickly and inexpensively!

apply for a visa

Citizens of other countries must apply for a visa at an embassy or consulate. This means that you need to collect documents and pass the appointed time to get a consular visa. To avoid unnecessary hassle, you can leave a visa application for Congo on our website. Our professionals will help you get your visa in the shortest possible time.

Do I need a visa to transit to Congo?

Travelers with a plane ticket to a third country on the same calendar day and all necessary documents required to visit the third country can stay in the country without a visa as long as they do not leave the international area of the airport.

Information on visas and visa-free entry to the Republic of Congo is subject to change. Contact us and we will answer all your questions about obtaining visas and required documents.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate will be a mandatory requirement for entry into the country. It is also highly recommended to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B and typhoid before traveling to Congo.

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