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Business visa to Bolivia

The Bolivian business visa is a type of visa that allows foreign nationals to enter Bolivia for the purpose of conducting business activities. It is important to note that the business visa does not entitle the holder to work or reside permanently in Bolivia.

With a Bolivian business visa, the visa holder can engage in a variety of business activities, such as attending business meetings or conferences, conducting or attending trainings, conducting internal audits, installing equipment or providing other temporary services to a client, local partner or affiliate. However, it is important to note that engaging in activities outside the scope of the business visa, such as paid employment, can lead to legal problems and possible deportation.

To obtain a Bolivia business visa, you must complete an application form and provide supporting documents: a valid passport, a passport-sized photograph, and proof of doing business in Bolivia. You may also need a letter from your employer stating the purpose of the trip and the activities to be engaged in during your stay in Bolivia.

The Bolivian business visa is a valuable tool for foreign nationals wishing to do business in Bolivia. Compliance with visa requirements and participation only in authorized activities allows business people to spend a productive and rewarding time in Bolivia.

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The following documents are required to obtain a business visa to Bolivia:

Completed questionnaire

- visa application

Foreign passport

valid for at least 6 months after the expected date of departure from Bolivia

One recent photo

3.5 x 4.5 cm passport size

payment receipt

consular visa processing fee

Certificate of absence of criminal record

из страны гражданства или постоянного проживания


confirming the legal status and financial solvency of the employing company

Copy of the certificate

the tax registration of the employing company in Bolivia (if any).

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Types of business visas:

Multiple entry visa

Issued for 1 year, renewable. For foreigners conducting investment or business activities in Bolivia.

Special Purpose Visa

For short-term visits from 30 to 180 days depending on the purpose.

Visa for entrepreneurs

For 30 days, renewable up to 90 days. For temporary or permanent residence.

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Business visa validity period:

The validity and duration of stay in Bolivia on a business visa depend on various factors such as the nationality of the applicant, the purpose of travel, and the discretion of the immigration authorities. Generally, the validity of the visa starts from the date of issuance and the applicant must enter Bolivia before the expiration date.

Usually, the length of stay on a business visa in Bolivia is up to 90 days per visit. However, the immigration officer at the port of entry has discretion to determine the exact length of stay depending on the purpose of the trip and the nature of the business. If a visa holder wishes to stay in Bolivia longer than the authorized period of stay, he or she must apply for a visa extension before the current visa expires. The visa extension must be approved by the Bolivian immigration authorities. It is important to note that exceeding the period of stay authorized by the visa may result in fines, deportation and prohibition to re-enter Bolivia in the future. Therefore, it is very important to comply with visa regulations and leave Bolivia before your visa expires, and if necessary, apply for an extension.

Business Visa Extension:

Bolivia visa renewal for business visas must be done at least 7 days before the visa expiration date.

Visa extensions are at the discretion of the Bolivian immigration authorities. It is usually due to the need to continue a business activity that has begun or to complete an ongoing project.

The maximum extension period is usually 90 additional days. A longer extension may require a different type of visa.

Apply for an extension at the Bolivian immigration office. Required documents include a valid passport, a valid visa, an application form, proof of funds, and a letter of justification.

Approval of the extension may take about 5 business days after the application is submitted.

It is illegal to exceed the validity period of a valid visa to wait for approval of an extension. Plan your extension application time accordingly.

Once a favorable decision is received, the extended visa allows you to stay in Bolivia for exactly the amount of time specified in the extension notice.

Comply with all laws and visa conditions while in Bolivia, even after receiving an extension. Violations may result in the revocation of your visa.

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Processing time and cost of business visa to Bolivia:

It is important to apply for a visa well in advance to ensure that you receive your visa by the expected date of travel. Actual processing time may vary from 7-10 days.

In addition to the visa fee, there may be additional fees for visa centers, courier services, etc. It is necessary to clarify the full cost of visa processing in advance.

Our team of professionals will assist you at all stages of visa processing - from consultation to receiving the finished documents. We will answer all your questions and help you prepare a full package of necessary documents.

Working with us, you can be sure of a successful result. Our main task is to make the process of obtaining a visa for you as clear, fast and comfortable as possible.

Contact us to find out more details or fill out a visa application form. We will be happy to help you with your trip!

Questions about Bolivia business visa:

What is a business visa to Bolivia?

The Bolivia Business Visa is a visa that allows foreign nationals to enter Bolivia for the purpose of conducting business activities such as meetings, conferences, trainings, etc. It does not grant the right to work.

What documents do I need to obtain a business visa to Bolivia?

The basic documents are a completed application form, a passport, a photograph, an invitation from a company in Bolivia, a letter from a place of employment and proof of sufficient financial means.

How do I apply for a business visa to Bolivia?

You need to submit your documents to the Bolivian Embassy or Consulate in your country. You can make an appointment online or by calling the embassy/consulate.

What is the maximum validity period for a business visa to Bolivia?

Typically, a business visa to Bolivia is issued for up to 90 days per trip.

Can I extend my business visa in Bolivia?

Yes, it is possible to extend your visa for another 90 days. To do so, you must apply to the Bolivian Immigration Service before the expiration of your current visa.

Can I work in Bolivia on a business visa?

No, a business visa prohibits paid employment in Bolivia. You need a work or other visa to work.

What are the penalties for violating the expiration date of a business visa in Bolivia?

Exceeding the authorized period of stay on a visa is punishable by a fine, as well as possible deportation and a ban on further entry into the country.

Can I engage in investment activities on a business visa to Bolivia?

Yes, a business visa allows foreign investors and entrepreneurs to explore business and investment opportunities in Bolivia within the authorized timeframe.

What categories of citizens can obtain a business visa to Bolivia?

A business visa is issued to citizens of other countries who travel to Bolivia for business purposes, such as business travelers, investors, entrepreneurs.

Can I open a company in Bolivia on a business visa?

No, you will need a different type of visa to register and operate a company in Bolivia. The business visa does not allow this.

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