Traveling to Azerbaijan

Traveling to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an amazing country located in the south-east of Europe and in the west of Asia. Azerbaijan is famous for its variety of natural landscapes, from vast deserts to high mountain peaks, as well as the picturesque coasts of the Caspian Sea. The rich history of this country is evident in its ancient architectural monuments and amazing museums.

Azerbaijan is also famous for its traditions and cultural heritage, which can be seen in its national holidays, music, dance, arts and cooking. The hospitable Azerbaijanis and their sensitivity to cultural values make this country even more attractive to any traveler.

Main sights of Azerbaijan

Flame Towers

Flame Towers are huge glass skyscrapers that point towards the sky in the shape of flames. In the evening, the facades of the buildings are illuminated and they seem to burn with fire, creating mesmerizing and colorful plays of light on their glass surfaces. The flame towers have become an integral element of Baku's urban landscape and a magnificent symbol of modern and prosperous Azerbaijan.

Gobustan Reserve

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gobustan Reserve offers visitors a unique opportunity to see mud volcanoes erupting from the ground mixed with oil and water. The territory of the reserve is also home to rock paintings showing the daily life and beliefs of primitive people. And the inscriptions of Roman legionaries left in these places more than two millennia ago attract special attention.

Maiden Tower

In the historical part of Baku, in the ancient fortress of Icheri Sheher, there is a mysterious Maiden Tower. This unique structure, considered a symbol of the city, is an example of Azerbaijani architecture, which has no analogues in the region. Perhaps the tower was originally the site of an ancient Zoroastrian temple, where the sun and fire were worshipped. A visit to the Maiden Tower helps you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity and feel the energy of this mysterious place.

Icheri Sheher Old Town

Not far from the Maiden Tower is Icheri Sheher Old Town, the oldest residential quarter of Baku. Surrounded by fortress walls, this unique neighborhood has for centuries attracted people wishing to immerse themselves in the history and flavor of Azerbaijan. People still live in the houses that have been standing here for hundreds and thousands of years, and a walk through its stone streets allows you to fully feel the atmosphere and uniqueness of this place.

Shirvanshahs Palace

This palace ensemble of the XV century served as the residence of the rulers of Shirvan. It impresses with its beauty and exquisite walnut color of Apsheron limestone, from which it was erected. Inside the complex there are not only the palace mosque and the royal tomb, but also other sights such as the courtyard of Diwan-khane and the mausoleum of scientist Seyid Yahya Bakuvi.

Palace of Sheki Khans

Another gem of Azerbaijani architecture, the Palace of Sheki Khans, is located in the city of Sheki. It is a beautiful two-storied building with magnificent interior and exterior decoration. The facades are decorated with luxuriously executed scenes of hunting and war, and openwork lattices made of stone add special elegance. Inside the palace, marvelous stained glass windows made up of several thousand pieces of glass create unique lighting effects.


Sheki is home to a famous inn, the Caravanserai, which was one of the stops on the Great Silk Road. The place where merchants, slave owners, messengers and travelers for centuries rested and gained strength before continuing their journey. Now part of the caravanserai is occupied by a hotel, and the other part has been turned into a museum. This impressive structure with strong stone walls and large arched gates helps to visualize the life and trade relations of those times.

Gandzasar Monastery

Gandzasar Monastery, located in Nagorno-Karabakh, is a symbol of Armenian heritage and spirituality. It got its name from the Gandzasar Mountain that surrounds this holy place. When visiting the monastery, tourists feel a special atmosphere of silence and tranquility, which seems detached from the surrounding reality. Here one can see ancient architecture, mysterious writings and strange drawings on the walls. The monastery houses the tombs of the rulers of the Khachen principality and bishops, giving this place even more historical significance.

Bibi-Eybat Mosque

Bibi-Eybat Mosque is a significant monument of Islamic architecture located on the shore of Baku Bay. This sacred temple was erected in the XIII century and existed for more than seven centuries before it was blown up in 1936 by order of the Soviet functionaries who came to power. However, in 1994, the temple was restored by Heydar Aliyev's decree. The reconstruction of the mosque took a long time, as the builders tried to repeat the forms and outlines of the old building from photographs and preserve its historical authenticity.

Tezepir Mosque

Not far from Baku is the Tezepir Mosque, which was built in the early 20th century. In some periods of its history it functioned as a warehouse and barn, but after 1943 it became a holy place again. The mosque building is characterized by its unique architecture and luxurious gold finishes, as well as impressive interior patterns and inscriptions made in the style of Azerbaijani painting. The domes of the temple, made of marble, give the mosque even more beauty and grandeur.

Indian fire worshippers' temple of Ateshgah

The Indian fire-worshipping Ateshgah temple is an exotic attraction for Azerbaijan. This temple was erected in the XVIII century by the Hindu community, which called itself Sikhs. The temple was built on the site of an ancient Zoroastrian sanctuary, where fire was worshipped and mystical rituals were performed before the adoption of Islam. Indian colonizers, descendants of Zoroastrianism, erected a new sanctuary in this place, which became a symbol of interaction of different religious and cultural traditions in Azerbaijan.

Mukhtarov Palace

The Mukhtarov Palace, which combines refined European style and Azerbaijani tradition, has become a symbol of luxury and sophistication in Azerbaijan. This majestic structure was built thanks to the financial support of Murtuza Mukhtarov, an oil industrialist and millionaire, in the early twentieth century. Inspired by his wife, who was amazed by European architecture during her wedding trip, Mukhtarov decided to create a house for her that would be comparable to the flying Venetian palazzos.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

In the heart of Baku is the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, which has become a real treasure trove of culture and art. The museum represents different schools and epochs of carpet weaving art, and its collection contains many pieces of historical value. Here you can see the oldest exhibit - a fragment of a carpet woven in the XVII century by representatives of the "Ovchulug" school. However, in addition to numerous carpets, the museum also displays collections of ceramic dishes, bronze, gold and silver jewelry, national costumes.

Heydar Aliyev Center

The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also an important symbol of the development of Azerbaijani culture. The modern futuristic structure, built in 2006, strikes the imagination with its grandiosity and innovative design. Inside the Heydar Aliyev Center are museums, congress centers, offices and exhibition galleries that present the achievements of Azerbaijani culture, customs, traditions, language and history. This place has become an important platform for education and popularization of the country's rich cultural heritage.

Caspian Sea resorts

Baku is famous for its landscaped coast of the Caspian Sea, which attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Resorts in Nabran, Khachmas and Lankaran offer excellent conditions for quality beach vacation. Vacationers will find here everything necessary for a comfortable vacation - hotels of almost all world networks, developed infrastructure, excellent cuisine and high level of service.

The bathing season on the Caspian Sea begins in May, when the water warms up to a pleasant +20 degrees, and continues until October. Here you can completely relax and enjoy the wonderful summer climate, beach entertainment and refreshing swims in the warm waters of the Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan is a place where you can enjoy nature, plunge into rich culture and history, taste delicious dishes and get invaluable travel experience. Unforgettable impressions and inspiring adventures are waiting for you in Azerbaijan!