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Learn about the different types of visas available for India and choose the one that suits your travel purpose

Visa to India

All foreign nationals planning to travel to India are required to provide a valid international document in national passport format with a valid visa. Visa for India can be applied for through an Indian Mission or post office or electronically using the online visa system provided by the Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs.

For certain categories of applicants, an e-visa is available and is processed officially. The cost of India visa can vary depending on the type of visa and duration of stay. Tourists and travelers are offered different options such as visa for a month, six months, 1 year or even 5 years. The visa application process involves filling out the required information, selecting the type of visa and length of stay, and paying the appropriate fee. The visa center, embassy or consulate can also provide assistance in applying and obtaining the visa.

For those who are going to India for long term stay or for repeat travel, multiple entry visas such as 1 year and even 5 year multiple entry visas are available. It is possible to apply for an urgent visa to India if you need to get your documents quickly.

What type of visa to India do I need?

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